Our treatment is given to small group

Our Professor J. got Ph. D. in biology.
Influenced by her family, Professor J. developed her interest in biology when
she was young. From her personal story, she addresses the importance of
evolution because evolution is related to every aspect of biology. In this
course, evolution is not an issue about personal belief, but about data, study,
and facts. Then Professor J. introduced her family and her childhood to us. For
example, she is the youngest girl in her family and when she was a little girl,
she played in creeks or on the coast with any animal that was handy. From
junior high to high school, Professor J. always had good GPAs and was the drum
major. Then Professor J. spent her undergraduate life at the University of
Texas. She stresses that cheating was unacceptable in academic study, so she
askes us to keep integrity and do not ever cheat in academic study. If students
had any problems or challenges in the course, we should talk to Professor J. and
work together to solve them.

After professor J. graduated from the
college, she started pharmaco research and started from the phrase 1 where drug
or treatment is given to small group of people to evaluate its safety and
identify side effects and safe dosage range. This research work was fascinating
and interesting, so she decided to go future in research. Thus, Professor J.
decided to go back to school to get more education. Then she worked and got her
master’s degree by biology at Southwest Texas State University and her GPA was
4.0. After that, Professor J. got married, gave birth to her two sons, and
continued to work on her PhD. From the story of Professor J., we learned that
everything is impossible, and if we can work hard, we can also get success in
our academic study, like Professor J. After got her PhD in biology, Professor
J. got divorce, and she then becomes a single mother of two young men for the
past 12 years. Both Professor J. and her sons loved animals and Professor J.
loved to travel very much. For her two sons, Professor J. shared some stories
of these two young men. Just like everyone of us, Professor J. also had their
ups and lows and would encounter challenges in her lives. For example, she
experienced the death of her family members.

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As a teacher, Professor J. teaches a lot
of courses, such as biology M01, Biology 2B, Human A, Zoology &
Marine Biology. She always teaches Biology 2B and exhibits emphasis on biology.
She was also committed to endangered butterfly research and butterfly interns. Every
year, she would participate in Moorpark Science Day to help teenagers to learn more
knowledge about science and biology.

That’s all about our Professor J. In the course
of Biology 2B, if I had some questions or problems, I can contact our professor
through emails. I will work hard and I believe I can get good grades in this