Our The monitoring of agricultural areas with


Our vision for successful
expansion of the company goes in two directions. The plan is to undergo related
and unrelated diversification.  

Diversification is a strategy
for the company’s development through the implementation of additional
activities other than existing products, services and markets. Diversification provides
businesses with competitive advantages by creating an opportunity to reduce
business risk. Therefore, it is an appropriate tool for business development.
However, in order to be successfully applied, in-depth knowledge and serious
preliminary analysis of the environment and of the company itself is required (
McLee, 2011).

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The monitoring of agricultural
areas with a drone or unmanned airplane allows large areas to be scanned within
short periods of time, while at the same time obtaining high resolution
photographs. This makes it possible at an early stage to identify problem areas
in the field by proceeding to differentiated fertilization and spraying, which
in turn leads to an optimization of the cost of fertilizers and plant
protection products. With the help of AgroDrone capturing farmland and
producing maps according to the needs of the farmers is easier. Maps are going
to be stored in a cloud system, accessed via a username and password. Access is
via an Internet site without the need for any applications and programs to be
installed by any computer.

This benefits of our product
could find wider application in the insurance business. As time passes, aero
monitoring would become more and more popular in agricultural insurance, and would
be especially beneficial when calculating the amount of damage after an
insurance event occurs. By using aero monitoring, insurance companies can more
accurately determine the amount of losses in an insured event and, at the same
time, eliminate the human factor, which in turn will lead to a significant
increase in profits by minimizing their expenses.

Another equally important
benefit is the high resolution and thermo camera that can identify
“stressed” crops, crops with disturbed growth rhythms, soil chemicals
lacking in humidity or lack of fertilization, areas lacking vegetation. A specific
index would be used as an indicator of the amount of photosynthetic active
biomass. The spectral pictures show the general state of the crop or of a given
soil using a color scale. The green color indicates the plants in excellent
health and the red color shows a lack of growth. Capture of individual
high-resolution fields allows you to closely examine individual plants as well
as visually assess the condition of the soil. Capture of accurate photos is
possible at a resolution of up to 0.5 cm per pixel. Thus, companies producing
fertilizers and plant protection products can use aero monitoring as a mean of
verifying the effectiveness of their products. Thus visually, through the
pictures, the differences in the condition of the crops before and after
treatment with a given product could be established.