Organizational for the future planning it is significant

Organizational capability is
described in terms of its strengths, weaknesses, core competence, resources,
behavior and the synergistic effects. Thus, it shows the capacity of an
organization to use the strengths, produce the opportunities and face in its
external environment. For overcoming its weaknesses an organization has to utilize
its strengths properly. Aside to this, the organizational capability looks to
manage the stock of capabilities within the company in order to determine its
ongoing profitability and the survival.

So therefore, for the future
planning it is significant to analyze and evaluate all the resources of milk
organizations that would be needed in the future growth of the company in terms
of marketing aspects. In view of the human resources aspect the milk
organizations will needed more staff that is capable to cooperate with the
changing scenario. Whereas, physical resources needed the infrastructure
facility that would be required and so thus it is capable of allocating the
resources on basis of financial terms and all the equipment, machinery and
building can be allocated by the company without any problems.

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However, in respect to finances
aspect milk industry should use all of its financial resources from bank, other
medium in expansion and for competing with other milk brands. Aside by this,
need to control usage of funds by setting up budget and restricts. Though in
marketing aspect milk industry should increase their brand awareness and
underline the factors that affect the marketing capability in price, promotion,
product which would enhance their sales turnover and maintain the brand
loyalty. Whereby, technological capability helps in marketing activity through
the usage of superior technologies.


f) In this industry, what will be
the appropriate techniques for organizational auditing and for analyzing
external factors that affect market planning?

 In the milk industry, it is essential to
understand the customers as it is a keystone of a marketing planning, it
comprises with auditing and analyzing the internal and external environments of
the organization. Though, this involves accumulating appropriate factor at
first and the analyzing it. There are number of external and internal
techniques that can be used by the milk industry for the organizational
auditing and for analyzing the factors. So therefore, the external techniques
include the SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, Porter five forces analysis and the Slept

The SWOT analysis is a short form
of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, It helps the milk
industry to assess the company strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
in accordance to it culture, future situation and the external environment. The
SWOT analysis helps the milk companies analyze that how they can take advantage
of new business opportunities, how they can adapt new trends, make use of new
technology and cope up with the changes to any competitors operations. Whereas,
PEST analysis is a short form such as the political, economic, social and
technological. PEST analysis assist in understanding the market growth or fall
and business position etc. This analysis also makes sure that company’s
performance is aligned positively with the powerful forces of change that are
affecting the business environment. However, it proves useful when a company decides
to enter its business operations into new markets and new countries. It helps
to effectively adapt to realities of the new environment.

Aside by this, the Porter five
forces model is a useful macro analysis tool that is widely used to extract
information regarding a markets level of competition. This model focuses on
five main forces which are barriers to entry, threat of substitutes, supplier
power, buyer power and rivalry of buyers. This technique is used by the milk
companies in order to assess the current level of competition in the
markets.  However, SLEEPT analysis stands
for the social, legislation, economic, environment, political and technology.
This analysis is carried out by the milk companies to assess the effect of
external environment on the company.