There to loss of life. Other crimes

There are various reasons which make money to be important. Firstly, money is generally accepted amongst numerous individuals. This makes it to be used as a medium of exchange. Additionally, by acting as a medium of exchange, money plays a very important role in facilitating transactions. This is made possible by the fact that individuals can use money to measure the value of a particular commodity.

In the absence of money, individuals and organizations would be forced to conduct transactions through barter trade which is a relatively challenging system due to existence of double coincidence of wants. For example, if one possesses a particular commodity and intends to exchange it for another, he or she would be required to find another individual who possesses another commodity of equal value.

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Money is also important in that it can be used as a store of value. This arises from its characteristic of holding its value over a considerable duration. This is further enhanced by the fact that it is more liquid and is available in different denominations compared to other mediums of exchange. As a result, it can be easily transported. Money also contributes towards improvement in the quality of life for example through creation of wealth. As a result, money enables individuals to access basic amenities such as food, shelter and clothing.

Money and social status

Money contributes towards improvement of an individual’s social status. Currently, society tends to accord higher status and prestige to individuals who have accumulated more money. The social status that comes with money is well illustrated by celebrities such as musicians, business people and politicians amongst others.

Previously, a teacher may have higher respect in the society , however on the basis of his or her income, his or her social status can be reduced significantly. Therefore, money is a major determinant of the social class that an individual belongs within the society.

How do people earn money

There are two main ways through which individuals earn their income. The first source includes formal and informal employment in either the public or the private sector. A significant proportion of individuals earn their income out of the two economic sectors.

The second source entails self employment which arises as a result of one’s ability to exploit his or her entrepreneurial skills or the opportunities presented by the environment. Different people have employed themselves by starting businesses in different economic sectors such as art and music amongst others.

Money and crime

In an effort to earn money, some individuals have incorporated illegitimate methods. One of the ways through which the urge to earn money has promoted crime is evident in the emergence of organized criminal gangs. These gangs engage in different activities such as money laundering, child trafficking and drug trafficking. Incidences of drug trafficking are carried out worldwide but are more prominent in some countries such as Mexico.

Additionally, the urge to earn money has also resulted in violent crimes which in some cases lead to loss of life. Other crimes which have arisen as a result of the need to accumulate money relates to emergence of counterfeit trade especially in some countries such as China. Participation in economic crimes such as counterfeiting has adverse effects on the world’s economy. This is due to the fact that its negative effects to the various economic sectors.