I opinions and the potential success of the

I conducted a research survey to establish consumer opinions and the potential success of the business. It was presented in the correct way to ensure that the respondents were fully clear of what is being asked of them, which was useful during later analysis. The questionnaire aimed to cover all areas of the proposed business including likes/dislikes, location, opening hours and prices. The sample was a random sample and it needed to be quite large to get accurate results but as it was be a self-completion questionnaire, responses could be obtained quickly and cheaply.

I could of surveyed a target sample e. g. 16-25 yr. olds but I wanted to find out which age range would be most interested so I surveyed everyone. Other methods of research such as a postal questionnaire would be too expensive and there is no guarantee of a good response. For example, if 50 questionnaires were sent out and only 10 came back, the views of those 10 people may not reflect the views of the other 40 people, therefore the results would be weak and most likely invalid.

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The larger the sample the more accurate the results are. I thought that the best way to collect the information was to ask people on different days at different times to avoid bias. I carried out this with passers by in the centre of Wakefield because it is Wakefield residents who I will be likely to receive most business from. One disadvantage with a questionnaire is that people may not answer the questions accurately and may not say what they really think.

I aimed to ask people within my target market even though it is quite broad and I asked both males and females, which gave me additional information on different age groups and on the gender of people most likely to visit. An explanation about the A Level coursework was given to the respondent before the completion of the questionnaire and appreciation of their time afterwards. Personal questions such as occupation were left until the end incase the respondent refused to answer, therefore the most important part of the questionnaire was already completed.

I found that most people were willing to fill in my questionnaire, especially when they learned it was for an A Level project. I also found that it was mostly women who gave me their time and were keen to know more about the project but when speaking to men it was them who were more interested in the computer access. The age group that was most positive about the questionnaire was 35-44yrs and I found in general conversation that many of them used computers regularly at work.

This bar chart shows exactly how important price is to customers to help determine the correct level of pricing for the Cyber Cafi??. The majority of the potential customers asked do not consider price as an important factor in their choice of Cafes, which gives good indication that moderately high, but competitive prices can be charged. Even though this information has been discovered there must still be careful thought put into the prices because more than half of the customers asked consider the prices as being quite important.

If the prices are too high it may result in loss of customers but if prices are too low, competitors may have chance to overtake and make more profit so a balance needs to be found between the two. I think that customers are less bothered about the prices because if the quality is good they don’t mind paying a higher price, which means the Cyber Cafi?? has to ensure that the quality of food, service and cleanliness are up to standard to help guarantee customers’ return.

This question gave a good result about how interested in a Cyber Cafi potential customers are, with the majority of people having a positive view towards it. The results can never be 100% accurate as some people may fill in the questionnaire untruthfully to be polite and also, a good response does not always guarantee business. The results give good indication that there is demand for a Cyber Cafi?? and that people are prepared to try it. I think such a good response was gained because people like to try new things and also Cyber Cafes are a fairly new idea.

Wakefield is home to many Cafibars, which gives the town a modern edge, as do Cyber Cafes. Residents of Wakefield may feel the need to keep up and try these new, modern ideas for themselves. This question was asked to find out about repeat purchases and if the customer liked the Cyber Cafi?? , how often they would visit. Most people asked said 2-3 times a month closely followed by people who said once a week, therefore regular customers will be most likely to visit either once a week or once every two weeks. This could generate a good customer base if many customers become regulars.

To develop customer loyalty service and product must be excellent at all times so customer will not stray to competitors. I think the response depended on when people had the time to visit the Cafi?? because if people have one day off work through the week that may be the only chance they get to visit and maybe to do work. If people work in the town centre they might be able to spare some time at dinnertime or after work to visit. The Cyber Cafi?? will make it easy for customers to drop in, use the computers and leave again as quickly as possible if they have to get back to work but also use them all day if need be.