Only if those needs are fulfilled ,


Only one similarity was found
both approaches believe that Schizophrenia became from Distortion in Psychological

According with the humanistic
approach Abnormal behavior has a base in Conscious, they believe the behavior is
a free choice. Because the person was experiencing Incongruence in the self and
is suffering a lack in one of the levels of the hierarchy of human basic needs
not reaching the self-actualization   so this lead the person to behave in this way.

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 According with psychodynamic
approach Abnormal Behavior has a base in Unconscious so behavior is determinate
by him, the personality is form through the psychosexual stages and
Schizophrenia has origin on the regression of the individual to one of those






Humanistic believes that personality
develops trough self -image  the experiences
will shape this self -image in negative or positive way .  

Psychodynamic  believes that personality develops trough the
psychosexual stages .

 Humanistic believes that behavior is free
choice and free will.

Psychodynamics believes that
behavior is determined by ( Unconscious).

 Psychodynamic aim was to resolve the internal
conflicts that lead to emotional suffering. Humanistic is to understand
how people perceive themselves and experience the world. 

In Contrast ,psychodynamic approach
believes that behavior is influence by the Unconscious thoughts, impulses, desires
related to sex and aggression .Humanistic  approach believes that  who shapes the behavior is the Conscious

 The only Similarity is that both of the
approaches  believes that Schizophrenia is
a Distortion of the psychological development despite, the Humanistic approach
suggested that this problem came form  the Conscious 
and the Psychodynamic from the Unconscious  they know this Illness is a psyche disorder
and both needs to be in perfect condition to a healthy  mental  performance.


and contrast





He believed that is necessary to
this needs be  satisfied  to the psychological well-being of the
individual he also believes that if those needs are fulfilled , the illness
will be prevented. Basically he says that if one of the basic need of the
pyramid is not fulfilled and not allowing the individual to step to other level
of the hierarchy   will impair the psychological health of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           that theses needs are “inside of all people”
it’s something instinctive, universal and independent of specific culture influence.

According  to one of the pioneers of this approach
Maslow   (1954 , 1955) he postulates  a Hierarchy of needs. Is a pyramid   of the basic human needs  that are organized hierarchically  from the most basic need like : hunger, sleep
, sex etc  until achieve the self-actualization
the top of the pyramid when the individual has the desire of grow using there


A individual with this Illness
is experiencing  demands of  the environment creating a intense conflict with
the needs of the self  sometimes this
demands are so threating to the self , that the person decide to withdrawal from
the social interaction this is called depersonalization ( the person withdrawals
from the situation and more often  has
the feeling that there body isn’t real or belongs to someone else),normally this
happens when the person is under stressful conditions.

Also suggest that if a person
experience Incongruence, according with the notion of Personality and conditions
for a growth this  will result in unhealthy  growth , that  will originate problems  on personality development, this consequence
can be caused by negative experiences and also 
by the demands of others, resulting in a virtual dissolution  of the self ( Vonnegut 1975).

This approach suggest that schizophrenia
is the way of the individual express his vulnerability of his self and trying
to adapt to a threatening social environment and emphasizes that this Illness is
a distortion of development.

One of the pioneer of this approach
is Carl Rogers (1959) he created the theory of Self. This theory is focus in
understand the individual behavior by understanding the way the person experiences
the world. He created also the notions of ideal self (representation of the
individual goal’s and aspirations) , congruence(  when the self-match with the ideal self) and
incongruence( when the self doesn’t match the ideal self) .  Reference

According with the humanistic
approach is suggested that Abnormal behavior is a distortion of the growth that
has a up bring from Conscious of the person  the maladaptive behaviors express the
incapacity of the person in cope with threats of the self, but they are a free


    the pioneer of this approach  (Freud 1904) created  theory of Psychosexual development according
to what he said  since birth the human
been it will develop by stages ( Oral, Anal, Phallic, Latency, Genital). During
this stages the personality of the individual is  developing , more specifically the ego start being
form in Oral stage and still developing 
in Anal stage. So Freud suggested that this   Illness is 
a result of a regression of this development of personality  to one of those Stages Oral or Anal . This
issue also occur because the individual in his childhood failed on development
of  notion between  the self and the outside world.

According with psychodynamic
approach Abnormal behavior has a up bring from the unconscious conflicts in
human been psyche. Like we know according with the theory model of  personality created by ( Freud 1923)  that mention the personality of a individual is dived by three parts ID, Ego
and Superego he  suggest that
Schizophrenia  is a severe
distortion  of the psychological
functioning , that is the ego. Ego is the part of our mind that do the balance
between ID ( focus on basic needs demands ) and the Superego ( focus is moral
social demands) he is characterized like the self.  If  the
Ego is not being able to do the balance with the ID demands  will give rise to the loss of notion of the  reality .

Schizophrenia is viewed like a
severe form of mental disorder is considered a distortion of perception, thought,
language, emotions and motor abnormalities. Now days doctors classify
Schizophrenia as type I or type II according with symptoms of the patient, they
can be positive or negative.  The
positive symptoms are: delusions, hallucinations, Incoherent speech and thought
inappropriate emotional expression and ode behavior. The negative symptoms are:
the absence of expected behavior, bodily immobility, limited speech, absence of
emotions (expression) and social isolation.













Humanistic Approach is focus in two assumptions that
are subjective  experience ( phenome
logical viewpoint ) and rejection of determinism in favour  of the individual choice .

Psychodynamic approach has the focus  in  understand 
behaviour  in terms of the way the
mind works with emphasis on motivation and the role of the past experience.
Shows the importance of the psychic , determinism, internal drives  the role of unconscious mind  and the continuity of the normal and abnormal

A long of this Essay I will talk about two big Perspectives
of Psychology,  Psychodynamic approach
and Humanistic approach according with Schizophrenia how both approaches address
this illness the similarities and contrast between them I will briefly talk  about the aim of witch .