One it will avert us from solving other

One of the main underlying problems, which until we acknowledge it and answer to it will avert us from solving other problems we face such as, climate change, injustice, poverty etc. Is selfishness. With every major or minor issue facing society today I can confidently say selfishness is the root of it or is the reason why that problem is still a problem. Let us think about Climate Change, for example. Climate change is the greatest environmental threat society is facing. We are continually burning fossil fuels, for what? Our own gain. Even though we know the detrimental impact our actions are having on the environment. But, does that stop us? No. We could easily reduce the demand for fossil fuels by investing in things such as net-0 buildings or even donating and supporting organisations that work to find solutions to climate change. But do we? If we were to see the long-term effects our actions are having right now would climate change still be an issue? It is unfortunate that things must affect us personally or we must relate in some way to actual care. How many of us know about the Libyan Slave trade? The IOM said in April that it had documented reports of “slave markets” along the migrant routes in North Africa “tormenting hundreds of young African men bound for Libya.” The fact that slavery is still going on today leaves me speechless, but the realisation that nothing is being done about it which has led me to sign a petition just to make parliament ‘aware’ of the issue is what hurt even more. If we were all selfless problems such as slavery would not exist because it is selfish acts that are the root cause of it all, from the slave owners buying these vulnerable people to the people who have power but do not use it for good. Even in our relationships with people, we are selfish. A lot of what we call love is fish love. Here is what I mean by this: A man was fishing one day when he was asked “why are you eating that fish?” he replied, “because I love fish” and then he was met with the response “you love the fish that’s why you took it out of the water killed it and boiled it. Don’t tell me you love the fish, you love yourself, and because the fish tastes good to you, therefore, you took it out of the water and killed it and boiled it”. Even in our relationships it is not love for the other. We look for how the other person can provide us with our emotional and physical wants and needs. The other person becomes a vehicle for our own gratification. To put this into context how are we supposed to find solutions to problems such as Global Warming when the real problem is within. I truly believe if every single person living was selfless life would be better for everyone.