One and learn about different cultures around

One planet,
Earth, with a 12742 kilometre diameter, 195 countries, 5 oceans and 7
continents. All fit into one app, Maps. The vastness of the world never seizes
to amaze me!

For many
years people have been studying our world and educating us through travel
channels such as BBC Worldwide and Getaway Cannel which have always startled

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different languages worldwide with many dialects, the UK has 30 different
dialects on its own! I guess that puts things into perspective.

My love for
travel was born at a young age due to the exposure provided by my parents
through travelling overseas and living abroad. I am fortunate enough to have
had this opportunity which has provided a strong basis for my bias towards

To travel is
eye-opening and broadens your horizons in ways you cannot even begin to
imagine. It creates a new appreciation for other cultures, traditions,
languages and lifestyles, the opportunity 
to see new places and taste new cuisines.

More often
than not, exposure to other countries gives one a new-found appreciation for
their own country. For example, an experience of a white Christmas and the ball
drop in Time Square New York is a breath taking and memorable experience but
many come back to savour the warm, summer, Christmas South Africa has to offer
with a variety of summer fruit, the sun, beach and the festive spirit created
by being with loved ones.

When one
travels, they get to experience new climates, fauna and flora and see animal
species that are indigenous only  to
specific countries, for example, kangaroos and koala bears are indigenous to
Australia. The opportunity to see and pet these animals is therefore one to be
cherished during a visit.

constraints should not be a reason for one not to broaden their knowledge and
exposure to other countries around the globe. This is because global
interconnectedness created by the internet means that one can find out about
other countries and learn about different cultures around the world from the
comfort of their own couch.

I hope that
through this speech I have made a compelling case for each and every one of you
to travel, whether virtually or in person, to experience, appreciate and savour
the beauty that planet Earth has to offer. As millennials with technology at
our fingertips and the ease of travel, we have very little excuse not to expose
ourselves in some way to the vast beauty outside our own geographical borders.