One countries or companies to work better because

One of the first implementation measures was the reform
of the previous statute through approval of a new statute, that contained the
measures of the former statute which would continue in force as well as those
of the new autonomy statute, from now on called the Second Autonomy Statute. This
so called ‘basic law’ has the main principles necessary to the autonomy system and
is protected by the constitutional law within the Italian legal system.

second Autonomy Statute, provided its provinces, South Tyrol and Trentino, with
the autonomous provinces rank, transferring nearly all important legislative
and administrative powers to them as self-regulating systems that help more
complex systems like countries or companies to work better because it reduces
the dependency between systems. As a result, South Tyrol’s autonomous powers
are surprisingly brilliant, not only when placed side by side with other
minority-situations, but even in comparison with its northern neighbour Tyrol,
a member state of federal Austria.

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were now responsible for economic, cultural, and social matters that include: coordinate
provincial offices and workers; geographical naming , that should respect bilingualism
in the region; preservation and recovery of historical sites and their usage;
town and country strategy planning; environmental and natural resource issues; local
transport; local communications; local economy control measures(e.g.

agriculture, forestry, hunting, fishing, tourism…); public works; water works;
public welfare; kindergartens, professional education etc. As long as South
Tyrol respects the legal agreements and the national interests they are free to
administer these fields at their own will.

not everything was a bed of roses and there are still legislations to respect that
are standard across Italy, so even if it seems self-management they are not
completely free is some subjects. These includes local police issues,
elementary and secondary education, roads, electricity, industrial protection,
water supplies, hygiene and public health (including hospital services) as well
as some other issues that require more attention and safety from the government.

Still, that didn’t stop them from earning a large number of additional
competences not foreseen or guaranteed in the autonomy statute when the Second
Autonomy Statute was settled, but they were able to do it in negotiations with
the Italian government.

mentioned above regarding legislative and also executive powers apply to both South
Tyrol and Trentino. But there are some special provisions concerning the
relations between the linguistic groups resident in the province that apply only
to South Tyrol. These includes the principles of cultural autonomy, linguistic
parity and ethnic proportionality.