One dip in India. However, is that the

One in
three of 48.1 million pregnancies in India ended in an abortion, according to
the country’s first large-scale study on abortions and unintended pregnancies
that accounted for 2015 data. The country recorded around 15.6 million
abortions in 2015, reports the study published in The Lancet. Close to half, or
48%, of pregnancies were unintended and 0.8 million women used unsafe methods
for an abortion, putting their health and lives at risk. Using abortion pills
was the most popular method, which made up 12.7 million or 81% of all
abortions, followed by 2.2 million surgical terminations of pregnancy. The number of medical termination of pregnancies
(induced abortions) has started to dip in India. However, is that the country still records a large number of such
abortions — in 2008; India saw 6.41 lakh abortions across 12,510 institutions,
approved to carry out MTP. According to
the Family Welfare Statistics in India 2009, brought out by the Union health
ministry, India recorded 7.25 lakh MTPs in 2005, 7.21 lakh in 2006 and 6.82
lakh induced abortions in 2007. According
to the 2008 figures, the latest compiled data, Uttar Pradesh recorded the
highest number of MTPs (89,194) followed by Tamil Nadu (63,875), Orissa
(59,945), Assam (58,409) and Maharashtra (54,545). The other states with high abortion numbers include
West Bengal (46,753), Haryana (31,126), Delhi (30,846), Rajasthan (29,292),
Gujarat (27,837) and Bihar (24,149). While
Punjab recorded 14,834 abortions, the Union territory of Chandigarh recorded
1,162. Madhya Pradesh had 19,385 MTPs, Kerala 14,227 and Karnataka 17,500.
The states/UTs with the lowest abortion figures
included Daman and Diu (42), Andaman and Nicobar Islands (94) and Goa (930).The
north-eastern states recorded abortion numbers below 1,000. While Meghalaya
recorded 344 MTPs, the figure for Mizoram was 524. Nagaland had 670 and
Arunachal Pradesh 655 MTPs. At present 8%
of maternal mortality in India is due to unsafe abortions. So reduction in
abortion numbers as a whole will automatically decrease mortality figures
also.” Experts say the high number of abortions in India continues to be a
major risk factor for women. A recent
international report had said that only two in five of the estimated 6.4
million abortions that take place annually in India are safe