One to the environment effects of my existence


of my more significant abilities in relation to the genes and the environment
my parents have provided me would be my ability to run for long distances. When
I think about how I have been gifted this ability to run long distances, up to
8 miles without stopping, I think about how my father use to be a very
successful cross country runner when he was in high school. I also think about
how the school environment I was apart of, from first grade to senior year of
high school, emphasized the importance of being a good athlete. While many
people have told me I got “The good running genes from my father” many others
have also said that, ” I have been privileged to be apart of an upbringing and
school system that highly rewarded children with athletic abilities.” Through
my adolescence and emerging adulthood I believe that the theory of genotype ? environment
effects (apa cite here, pg. 56) applies to my long distance running ability as
both genes I have inherited from my parents and the environment I was brought
up in both play essential roles to why and how I am able to run for a long
time. The passive, evocative and active genotype all can be applied and
combined to the environment effects of my existence (maybe place this sentence
somewhere else).

have been apart of a biological family all of my life and it can be implied
that since I received half of my genes from my long-distance running father
there is a present correlation between the running genes that my father had and
the occurrence of them getting passed down to me as I am a long distance
runner. It is also mentionable that my dad was the one who bought me a new pair
of running shoes from the time I was a small child for all of my birthdays.
During the summer he would take me to the soccer field behind our house to run
laps with and then get ice cream after almost everyday. Based on the nature and
nurture of events I have encounter it is clear that the passive genotype ? environment
effects have been inclusive to my development of long-distance running (apa

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to the applicability of the passive genotype ? environment effects, the
evocative genotype ? environment effects have also been involved in my development
of long-distance running as my inborn running features caught the eye of others
in my enviroments and in trade gave me a lot of attention.  I have always been a enthusiastic and hard to
contain child that needed lots of space to run around. I clearly remember a day
in my life when I was just seven years old racing my older cousins in their
backyard and winning just about every race, which was about 3-5 laps around
their backyard. My parents quickly enrolled me into a running camp the
following summer to promote expose my talent. It can be assumed that the
running characteristics I inherited from my father further educed others to
compliment me and encourage me to maintain the skill I started to attend
running camps.

as a proud long-distance runner I have always been drawn to enviroments that
relate to my genotypic features, by way of the active genotype ? environment
effects (apa). I have made many decisions, for example to chose what school I
wanted to run track/cross-country in college, that have further impacted my
genetic ability. Being an athlete at Oakland University requires me constantly
maintain and improve my skill of long distance running to try and break old
records. I could imagine if I were to attend a school that did not place a
heavy emphasis on being an athlete and maintaing a skill then I may have lost
the skill to an extent.



J. J. (2017). Adolescence and emerging adulthood. Hoboken, NJ: Pearson.