Once kitchen. She filled each three pots with

Once upon a time a boy complained to his mother that his life was miserable that he didn’t know how he is going to make it in life. He was tired of conflict or Contend all the time when he may be in school or in the real world. For he it feels like when something is solved another problem may be next to be solved again.    His mother a chef took his son in the kitchen. She filled each three pots with water at a higher temperature. Once the water started to boil she placed the tomatoes in the one pot, then she put the eggs in the other pot and then she puts the green tea bag in the other boiling water.           The mother or chef let the food sit on the boiling water. Without any comment the son couldn’t wait patiently. Because he didn’t know what’s going on.           After 25 minutes the mother shut off the boiling water. Took out the tomatoes and puttin it on a boil, also taking out the eggs out of the pot putting it on a plate.            Then she took the green tea from the pot pouring it on a cup. Then the mother ask the son what do you see here.?                I see tomatoes egg,s and green tea,” he replied ”          The mother said look closer, touch the tomatoes and tell me what do you noticeed? He noticed that the tomatoes were soft and mushy then the mother asked the son to break the egg. After taking out the shells from the egg the son noticed that egg was hard and firm. Finally the mother ask the son to drink the green delicious tea. The sweetness gave the son a sweet smile.                   what does this mean? son asked           The mother then explained each of the food that went through the same process. But each one reacted differently.           The tomato was firm and hard but when it went in the boiling water it started to become soft and wrinkle.            The inside was soft in the inside with a hard shell protecting the liquid but since nc the egg went on the boiling water, the inside of the  egg becomes came hard and firm.            After putting the green tea being on the boiling water it started to changed the color of the water and it’s texture of the water changed.            Wich are you? The mother asked are you the tomatoe,egg, or the green tea.