On dengue, and many more serious diseases. This

On august 14 2017, a flood occurred in India, Bangladesh, Nepal. The vigorous flood that had striked India, Nepal, Bangladesh had brought terrified memories back to life. This flood has paralyzed transportation in many areas that were affected by the flood especially in the low areas. This flood is known as Monsoon flood. This flood is also known for being the deadliest flood of 2017 and one of the deadliest natural disasters of 2017. This catastrophic disaster had caused many financial issues that not all the affected countries are capable of fixing. This disaster caused a havoc destruction by destroying 18,000 schools leaving 1,800,000 students with no access to education. This natural disaster has affected over 41 million people not only that but keep in mind that a flood can cause many deadly diseases such as malaria, dengue, and many more serious diseases. This flood is also the biggest flood that happened in south Asia for 15 years and it definitely caused a lot of destruction. It was unfortunate for this natural disaster to occur especially in Nepal as it’s an extremely impecunious country and doesn’t have the same financial capabilities as other countries. Many farms which is the number one source of food in Nepal have been destructed. Flights where belated by a minimum of an hour due to the heavy rains in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. This cataclysmic disaster has destroyed over 789,000 houses causing huge financial issues. Due to the heavy rains a building had collapsed in Mumbai leaving 16 people dead and 30 people in very bad medical condition. A minimum of 12 people are still trapped in the building that collapsed. The heavy rains are delaying rescuers from taking any action. Canadians are lending out a helping hand to the countries that have been struck by the flood. Although Bangladesh has the least amount of death’s out of the three affected countries it had been financially affected the most because 697,000 houses were destroyed. On the other hand India has been financially affected the least but had the most amount of deaths out of the three affected countries. Nepal had 168 deaths and had an amount of 65,000 destructed houses.