Occupational in the workplace ahead of time.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a training program that focuses on improving the skills and qualifications for the best safety in any work conditions. According to statistics, OSHA has prevented many workplace injuries and deaths by over 60 percent since they passed the law in 1970. Of course, there is much more we can do to prevent occupational deaths and/or injuries, but this is a huge start to prevent accidents. Ever since I finished the 10-hour OSHA card, I have noticed the little things that can cause major incidents. It could be the smallest thing such as, the right equipment to knowing how to work the machines, that can prevent a major accident. If there’s one thing I learned from the 10-hour OSHA card, it is that being alert and attentive to safety hazards is the number one way to prevent accidents. Identifying hazards varies on the type of situation. One of the main causes of workplace incidents is the failure to recognize hazards that are existing. To recognize hazards, employers and workers should gather and review information about the hazards present or likely to be present in the workplace ahead of time. From time to time, they should conduct inspections of the workplace to identify new or recurring hazards. If hazards have a recurring pattern, they should find a way to stop it from happening by reviewing the information like mentioned above. Addiotionally, they need to investigate injuries, illnesses, and incidents to determine the hazards and why they happen. Following the steps mentioned above should give you a workplace with less hazards and give you less of a trouble to work with.The OSHA 10 hour card will benefit me in the future in the way that I will be well prepared if anything comes to my attention that is not safe to be around. For example, if I happen to see workers not wearing their PPE equipment, I would automatically tell them because it can honestly save their lives. Learning about these hazards, what to look for and how to handle them will help me stay forever safe at any future job sites and beyond. While many take OSHA safety training to meet a workplace or job site requirement, OSHA training can offer many additional benefits. With the OSHA certificate that I have obtained, I am able to update my resume. This title on my resume can get me a job. Employers would like that I have a solid baseline knowledge of safety training. In conclusion, the 10-hour OSHA card can be beneficial in many variations and can determine your future health.