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The present system is very inefficient, when a student wishes to book a lesson the instructor has to get out his diary check the dates that are available and book in the student. After the lesson the instructor has to update his student book, he has to write in what the student did in the lesson, how they found it, whether they paid or not. Occasionally the instructor will add up how many lessons that the student has had and jot this down. This is a waste of time, as the instructor cannot book a student until he has finished all the paper work, this usually takes about 15 minutes after each lesson.

In a day the instructor ends up wasting around 2 hours after the lesson updating his books. I wish to change the way this works and I want to make the whole system work around the computer to decrease the time wasted, I want to programme the computer to do half the jobs that the instructor currently has to do, I wish to change the 15 minutes to 5 minutes and also provide the instructor with useful information such as pass rates, average lessons needs, average cost for student and how many lesson each student has had.

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This will help the instructor a lot by saving him time and also providing this information that he can use to improve some things. JUSTIFIACTION OF THE CHOSEN SYSTEM. There are many ways in which I can get information from my user, some common ones being, taking an interview, performing a questionnaire or observing my user. If I were to take an interview of the prospective user then it would be difficult for me, I would have to write down what he tells me very quickly and carefully. This can be time consuming and there are possibilities that I could miss some vital information that the user tells me.

Also when taking an interview the user may not tell everything that he wants and in some cases the interviewee are not honest. This would mean that the system I make would not be as useful as it could be. So I have decided that taking an interview of the user will not be effective and I need to consider other methods to get the information. Can also observe my user I however this also has it’s limitations as I will only be getting the information on how he runs and operates with the old system and I will not know if he wants anything in the new system to make his job easier.

It would be difficult to observe the instructor as it will distract both him and his student, therefore the only other method would be a questionnaire. So for this identification I will pass a questionnaire to the user and I will look at other methods in other areas of my project. I have asked my user a few questions that will aid me in the production of his system below are the results. QUESTIONNAIRE RESULTS How many lessons do you have a day? This depends on demand; usually I do about 7 lessons however on Saturday s and busy periods I squeeze in 9lessons. Ideally how much time would you like to spend after every lesson to update books?

I do waste a lot of time updating my records, after a lesson I allow half an hour to update books and time to reach my next student. I spend about 15 minutes of that time updating records; it would be brilliant if this were to come down to 10 minutes. Do you think providing each student with a card that you can scan to book and start lessons would be a good idea? No I don’t think this would be a practical, students will lose these cards costing me money to replace them, another option would be for me to keep the cards and scan them when I need to. However I think we are short for space in the car to have a barcode scanner.

Are you able to use programmes such as access to record all data? Yes I have had training on this, this is what they use in the office to book in us instructors, so yes it would be ideal if I were able to use access to store and interpret all the data. Would you like a printer in your car to print out reports for students? Again I think that the space is an issue we could set up all this in the boot of my car but I believe that it would be more practical if I had these facilities at home or in the office so the students can enjoy the facilities of a report without the inconvenience.

Will you be the only user? Yes I will be the only user to access the details and your software, it would be necessary to have it password protected for data protection purposes. Can you use software such as access to input and view data? Yes I have had training on this, this is what they use in the office to book in us instructors, so yes it would be ideal if I were able to use access to store and interpret all the data How often would you be looking at updating your system?

Really I don’t mind the longer it lasts the better, however it would be nice to update to the new versions of access every time they are released, usually the new versions become more and more user friendly so this should save me time. IDENTIFICATION OF THE USERS NEEDS AND ACCEPTABLE LIMITATIONS After considering the answers I have received I have found out that the user wants a system that will save his time, it must be easy to use and it needs to be user friendly. The instructor wants to have all data of his students stored; this needs to be made considering data protection violations.

The instructor want something that he can have transaction done on, ideally a database that will do transactions, that include calculate a cost, update availability for next lesson and update the file with student lesson. The instructor would be very grateful if we were to include something that will show him statistics easily, draw reports and he is able to see progress easily. I will be producing a prototype that will have limited data but the instructor can try it out and see if this is what he wants. REALISTIC APPRAISAL OF THE FEASIBILITY OF POTENTIAL SOLUTIONS

There are many ways I can solve the problems of the current system, I think upgrading it so that every thing is based around a computer to save time. I think I will be using Visual Basic express to do this, as this is the program that will allow me to do more things. This will also meet the criteria of the prospective user, and I will be able to include things like adding and editing student details. Viewing making appointments, this will mean that it will fulfil all the criteria for the user and my system will aid the instructor in doing day-to-day jobs more effectively.

The system can be used on a laptop that the instructor carries with him in the car so that he can access all the details and do everything he could possibly need to do from the car itself. This will mean there are fewer chances of making mistakes and it will all be based around a real time situation. This can also be accessed in the office pc. ENTITY RELATIONSHIP DATA SOURCE AND DESTINATION Student Field name Type, Max range Example Description Student name Text, Char (20) John Smith The first name and last name of the student. Student number.

Number, Char (8) 22147859 A Unique number given to each student for easy reference. Student address Text, Char (50) 1 Hay Close, Bath, B12 5DS Full address of student, including postal address. Lesson code Number (5) 22567 A code that determines what sort of lesson they take, they can have an hour lesson, one and half-hour or pass plus. Price per lesson Number, Decimal (5,2) i?? 19. 00 How much the student pays for each lesson Date and time of next lesson Text/ Number 11/11/07. 13. 00 The next lesson student has booked. AVAILABILITY DETAILS.

Instructor Field name Type, Max range Example Description AvailableSlots Date/time, Variable Friday 01/02/08 13:00 A day, date and time of an availability NextLessonBooked Char, Date/time, Variable D. S Stewart Tuesday 29/01/08 09:00 Name of student and the day, date and time of their next lesson SUMMARY OF EXISTING SYSTEM Currently the instructor receives booking either by telephone or at the end of the lesson. Once a booking is received he puts this in his diary and writes on the student’s appointment card the date, time and day of the next lesson.

At the end of the lesson the instructor brings out the students folder which he carries with him for the day, at the start of the day he checks his diary to see what students he has and gets all their folders. He updates the student folder by adding 1 to the total lessons and writes what he has taught today, what the student did well and what they were weak at. The instructor allows 15 minutes after each lesson to do this. Once he has done this he updates his account book by writing down how much the student paid, and what method of payment was used.

Once all this is done he heads for the next student, at the end of the day he has to go back to the office and pass on all the details about how many lessons, how much money was paid and what the student was taught. He is required to type all this up and save it on the system for reference. PROBLEMS WITH EXISTING SYSTEM The problem with this system is that it is time consuming and is tedious. The instructor has too much paper work to do which compromises on the time they can give to students, if the 15 minutes per lesson is calculated this soon adds up to hours and days of wastage.

By computerising the system half the time will be wasted in collecting and passing on the data. The diary is not a very reliable way of writing appointments and if the instructor were to forget the diary or loose it then it would be impossible to continue with the day. The student folders are not very secure and loosing them would be breach of the data protection act and this could be a costly mistake so clearly it needs to be upgraded to save time and for security. OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT General Objectives Security.