Ø  Access
to new concepts, material, and other resources

Ø  Reduced
repetition of services

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Ø  More
effective use of resources

Ø  Increased
power and influence

Ø  Ability
to report issues beyond a single organization’s domain

Ø  Shared
duty for complex or contentious issues



 Information technology
is the application of computer to store, study, retrieve transmit and
manipulate data. The application of information technology can be used in
storing, can be used for studying transmit some information and manipulate
data. In information technology there are some social, ethical and political
issues that relates to it,

the information technology has got a big relative to the social issues, example
there are the application of social networks or social media like Instagram
Facebook, twitter, tango, radios, and televisions. There for through the
innovations of information technology the social issues have simplified many
things including fast communication. Also, the main information technology
social issues include the development of education, through increasing the academies,
schools and other education association. Healthy services on the use of current
equipment like computer in monitoring the body system.

Ethics, is a reflection on morality. It refers to the values
of right and wrong in making choice by people. It has been described as the art
and science that pursues to bring compassion and method to the judgement of
moral values. Now on the ethics we can talk about the chance to commit crimes
with Information technology, on violation of privacy, intelligent property
right issues, appreciation for personal and corporate ethics related with ICT.
Information technology is facing many challenges which are lack of privacy,
security, copyright contravention, and increased computer crimes. There for
criminals has been using the many chance technology offers to terminate ethics
of the majority in the society. Also, information technology has led to lower
the value of the tradition, customs and culture of the society. Example people
can use online programs to find and