Nursing the points made within The ANA Code

Nursing Ethically

The American Nurses Association (ANA)
Code of Ethics is an important reference for all nurses rightfully striving to
be a model of ethics within their profession. The following discussion is a
summary of what I learned from the points made within The ANA Code of Ethics (2015).
The first point made was to recognize the importance of respecting the dignity,
rights, and worth of clients and patients and that factors relating to diversity
should never affect the nurse-client relationship. The illness of an individual
shouldn’t be a factor in determining their worth, regardless of how dire their
condition might be, and each nurse needs to understand the patients right for
self-determination and respect their right choose what is done to and with
their own self. I learned that a nurse’s primary commitment is to their client
first and that they need to handle conflicts of interest by ensuring their
patient’s safety and interests while maintaining their professional integrity as
a nurse. For the importance of the patient’s health, in the spirit of teamwork
it is important that the nurse is willing to collaborate with other colleagues
and healthcare professionals. Though a nurse may feel a sense of closeness with
his or her client or colleague, it’s important for the nurse to maintain
property professional boundaries within his or her relationship.

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The ANA Code of Ethics also stresses
that professional nurses have various responsibilities to their clients in addition
to attending to their physical condition. The nurse needs to control the
privacy of the patient’s information and maintain confidentiality within the
nurse-patient relationship. It is also important for the nurse to attain a basic
academic understanding of their practice and make a commitment to professional
standards that are required of them. He or she needs to try to ensure a safe
culture and be willing to investigate where error or near misses occur to see
where the system had failed and where improvements could be made. The ANA Code
of Ethics points out that if a nurse recognizes a situation that may place
their client’s rights or best interests in danger they need to be willing to
address them on behalf of their client. I learned that it is important for
nurses to understand that they have a sense of authority in every role and that
they are accountable and responsible for the quality of their nursing practice,
which includes decisions made and actions taken. Particularly for a nurse in
authority, it is important to delegate activities and tasks based on the
assessed skills of the nurse, and monitor the outcomes closely to ensure
quality. As a nurse makes efforts to show high regard to others without
prejudice, he or she needs to also show the same care for themselves. It is
also important for a professional nurse to be an ambassador for the same style of
healthy living that they advise and promote to their clients, which includes
but is not limited to: necessary medical treatment, diet, exercise, rest, and
attending to spiritual and religious needs.

When it comes to personal opinions, I
learned that it is necessary for the nurse to exercise discretion. The ANA Code
of Ethics discusses that a nurse should feel free to offer their opinions based
on good judgement, keeping in mind that their opinions carry influence. If a
nurse is asked to do something that goes against his or her beliefs, I learned
that he or she has the right to refuse the work so that they can maintain their
personal and professional values, and preserve their dignity. In the effort of
maintaining a high standard, the nurse needs to evaluate themselves and always
strive for excellence in their practice. This includes committing themselves to
a life of learning and pursuing activities that promotes personal growth. I
learned the importance of virtue within the role of nursing. A nurse is to use
a high level of virtue to meet moral obligations and do what is right for
patients, self, and profession. The nurse is also responsible for contributing
to an honest and moral work environment to ensure safety, quality care, and
professional excellence. The code speaks about how important it is for a nurse
to get involved with research, or consider conducting his or her own research
in efforts to further the development of knowledge of their profession. I
learned that it is essential for a nurse to understand that the nursing
profession holds that health for all is a universal right. He or she needs to
make a commit to achieve and sustain health as a means of common good, while
being sensitive to diverse cultural values and practices. A nurse should also
make efforts in shaping healthcare, and be involved with the political processes
that determine policies and procedures within the profession of nursing.
Ignorance of what this code states should hopefully never be used as an excuse.
In efforts to prevent this from happening, it is important to promote the
awareness of and adherence to the ANA Code of Ethics as encouraged by the code