Nowadays, is much more important than it

Nowadays, there is a lot of controversy whether
there should be censorship in media. Many people feel that censorship
is a must while an almost equal amount are completely against it. Tackling censorship is much more
important than it appears to be as taking down censorship would help preserve
the expression of thought and the right to listen to the unaltered forms of
everything. In addition to this, it would most importantly help preserve the
rapidly weakening basic right of speech.



Personally, I feel that censorship should not be imposed on
citizens by the government or other agencies as every adult has a right to view
or listen to what he or she wants.For children, parents are the ones who should
monitor their children when they are watching television and also what they
hear on their phone and CD’s and not others.

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The news we read in newspapers is altered either by the
government, or other agencies. However, this is against the law as the
constituition of India clearly states that each Indian citizen has a freedom of
speech and a freedom to express one self. If, for example, the governement does
not want to show the mistakes they have made or the problems they have caused,
they can alter the news and only show te bright side of their elected period.

This is not only wrong but can also influence someone else and change that
persons opinion on government and eventually vote again for them.


of the main benefits of the internet is that you have the ability to freely
express your thoughts and opinions. However, with the internet being controlled
by the government in many countries, with even India’s government censoring
various parts of the internet, it is as if there is no place left where you can
freely express yourself.


believe in the rule of the constituition that states that every Indian has a
freedom of speech and the freedom to express himself. I feel that the
government must stop censoring what we do on the internet and also stop editing
the news accoring to their whims and fancies. Each person has a right to watch
or hear what they feel they should and nobody has the right to stop them from
doing that.