Novel the baby, but his girlfriend refused

Novel Study: Book (Tanya 8H)The controversial issue I chose to write about is abuse towards women or any individual and the way such abuse is dealt with in the justice system. The justice system can be viewed in two ways. Most commonly perpetrators are put into jail for a number of years based on the crime they committed; if a murder is committed, then there is life imprisonment. In countries that practice capital punishment, the criminal is killed for his or her crime.  In a democratic country, he/she is forgiven and released in less than the years sentenced, based on their behavior in prison. I would like to analyze the injustice of the justice system in the novel “Back”.Jojo is the antagonist in the book. He has a girlfriend named Shana, whom he got pregnant. He wanted to get rid of the baby, but his girlfriend refused to, so he humiliated and abused her. During an incident where he and a group of his friends were taunting her, Eden (a bystander) came to her rescue. Jojo retaliates by attacking him with a crowbar, while he’s in an alley. This results in him going into coma and being hospitalized for many years with no prognosis for improvement. Jojo is put onto trial and gets five years in prison, but is released after two.I am enraged with the court for releasing Jojo from prison in two years. Just because he was released from prison, doesn’t mean he’s a changed man. I also disagree with the way women are being treated in the book. Eden, an innocent man that many people loved, eventually dies from saving an innocent victim. He had a future ahead of him, and was about to do something no one else in his family has done. He was about to go to college, now all of those dreams will remain unfulfilled. Furthermore, unless an individual is properly counselled for their behaviour and get treatment, they will not change.  For example, Jojo never shows remorse for his actions and he does not recieve treatment for his anger issues.  Therefore, he still reacts with violence when facing situations where he is under threat.   This is seen when Ardell, the younger brother of Eden tries to talk to Jojo after his release from prison.Ardell’s mother goes behind Jojo and taps him; Jojo swings his hand in Ardell’s mother’s face, which shows that when he’s under pressure or threat he still reacts the same way.Next, whether he likes it or not, Jojo is the father to a son, and being a role model might be difficult for him. His actions will affect Benjamin his son, as he grows older and older. I believe that one thing every child should have are exceptional parents, so that the child may follow their footsteps. In the book Jojo does spend time with his son, but he’s to young to realize his father’s aggressive behavior. Later on, when Benjamin is in his adolescence, and has to choose between right and wrong, he’ll take the wrong path because his father has taken that same path and was not punished for it. As a child ventures out and experiences the world around them, several influencing factors help shape them into the person they will eventually become. For example, in the story Egghead,Shane adapts his bullying side from his step dad as we know, and likewise Benjamin will adapt his aggressive side from Jojo. Children need to learn how to partake in healthy and respectful relationships. By watching their parents and others’ relationships children copy what they see and apply it into their own lives. Thus, Jojo being released early from jail after mistreating and physically abusing a female (Benjamin’s mother) and beating an innocent man to death teaches his son that its okay to be violent.Aside from the book, many women are still victims of domestic violence all over the world. These women may be western, eastern, white, black, rich, or with any characteristics or backgrounds. Most women share something common, which is they are victims of domestic violence by their husbands or boyfriends. Some of these women stand up and fight back to survive, but many of them are face social, psychological, and financial obstacles that force them to stay in their positions as victims of domestic violence. It is the obligation of authorities and communities to establish and develop the necessary resources and institutions that support and protect the rights and human conditions of these women victims. Domestic violence is responsible for the death, injury and unhappiness to millions of women all over the world, and in age when human rights are sacred, such a situation is not acceptable. From now on use your words, and NOT your fists!