In Overall, the essay will provide a broader

In the following evidence, definitions of media will be acknowledged and assessed. This will identify different media forms and the role in which they play. It will also provide target audience information that can determine the roles in which the media influences our society. The media has an impact on people’s lives whether good or bad and this will be examined throughout the essay. Overall, the essay will provide a broader understanding of what constitutes the mass media and the society in which we live.

Firstly, to define the term ‘media’, generally, this can be interpreted as various means or methods of communication, such as television, radio and the newspapers this can also suggest different news reporting agencies. The idea within the term can be expressed in a recipient, to receiver, method of communication, following the path of Sender, channel and receiver. An example would be, ‘News of the World’, through the channel of the papers to the individual reader.

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Media forms, such as television, offer three key roles in society which are education, entertainment and information, an example of each of these would be; GCSE bite size, an education programme containing revision guides and assistance, subsequently, Eastenders would be an example of entertainment, a programme offering a wide and varied culture and human interest, open to a multitude of age groups, and the information gathering of BBC news, this offering world news twenty four hours of the day. These examples are built into the BBC charter, the purpose is also to sustain citizenship and civil society, promotion of education and learning, stimulating creativity and cultural excellence, and to represent the UK, its nations, regions and communities and bringing the UK to the world and the world to the UK. The BBC exists to serve the public interest.

The media has an inconspicuous way of influencing its audience, for example family culture often extends to, the sitting around the television as you are watching your favourite programme and bonding together. The media can be can also have an impact on people’s lives, such as our emotions or how we analyse our daily lives and making decisions based on the information passed to us. Whereas newspapers was a dominant medium over the years, television has broadened its scale by entering the digital world, therefore allowing us to communicate in extended ways, ultimately, becoming the spine of global development, but with this in mind, the global reach can be uneven due to economy matters and other issues.

To examine a specific situation which affected a huge amount of people, is the September 11th twin towers plane crashes. The coverage of the incident was breaking and serious news that ultimately affecting the global economy bringing political outrage, community conflicts and ultimately war. The media is still reporting on large stories such like this example. This story effected people in many ways; anger, hatred, remorse, regrets and also silence and still now death continues.

The mass media are important factors of socialization; they offer social norms, beliefs, and values. Looking back in history over twenty years ago, gender was an issue whether relating to mothers being at home and the father at work or female judges and male nurses. Equality has finally come in to fruition with the aid of the mass media.

On reflection and conclusion to define media, this can be interpreted as various means or methods of communication, such as television, radio and the newspapers this can also suggest different news reporting agencies. The ability of identifying different media forms is paramount in the assumption on how the media has influence on modern society today. Specifically, target audience represents all walks of life, but again it is apparent that the reach to all persons can be uneven due to social and economic factors. Ultimately the media can impact and influence people’s lives whether good or bad.