New-CryptocurrencyDespite 20th Dec 2017)Lisk (LSK) was released in

New-CryptocurrencyDespite being surrounded by uncertain regulatory rules across most nationalities around the world, Cryptocurrency still seems to flourish with its high demand offering businesses with lucrative financial modules. Cryptocurrency is often defined as the New digital currency, which is slowly taking over the traditional fiat money. On an estimate over a dozen, cryptocurrencies are released in the market every day, some of which turn out to be really successful. However, despite the rising competition in the increasing digital currency market with the release of last year batch of New Cryptocurrency 2017, Bitcoin still holds the title of the largest blockchain on the internet.  Whereas, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash etc follow right behind in the race. One of the main reasons why these cryptocurrencies have survived through these years is because of their innovation and dynamic creators, who are constantly updating them and transforming them into a new, better version. So, today we are going to talk about the latest Cryptocurrency additions in the market. Here are some of the most promising New Cryptocurrency release of this year.  1. Dash (Release Date: 12th Jan 2018)This Cryptocurrency is based on proof-of-stake, which is dedicated to provide extensive anonymity, and privacy features to its users. Holger Schinzel launched the update of this core wallet client oriented Cryptocurrency to ensure the satisfaction of its consumers. This is a basic update, which was initiated to fix minor bugs in the software, while increases its efficiency.2. Bitcoin Gold (Release Date: 8th Jan 2018)BTG aka Bitcoin Gold was initially launched in 2017, which was recently updated to This update has made the software compatible with multiple new platforms like Raspberry Pi which is a single-board computer and macOS.3. Lisk (Release Date: 20th Dec 2017)Lisk (LSK) was released in May 2016, but one of its latest updates has removed all the bugs from the version. This update was completely focused on fixing the bugs for a smoother transactional interface for its users. 4. Ripple (Release Date: 15th Dec 2017)Rome Reginelli, the founder of Ripple had officially announced the release of a new version (0.80.2) of Ripple, which will follow the same blockchain structure and use the XRP currency as well as the same payment protocol. This version will also help in enhancing the dispatch logic transaction speed, which also helps in decreasing overall resource usage.The Digital market of cryptocurrency is constantly changing and evolving, while also welcoming new currencies in the list, giving users a wide range of options and features to choose from.