Name: reason for Big Data processes to use

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Why Big Data?

Big data is a key word that is used to
describe large amounts of data (both structured and unstructured) that makes
conventional software or techniques difficult to process and generate reports
due to its high volume. The reason for Big Data processes to use new algorithms
and tools was mainly because of the hardware constraints and limitations of the
traditional software.

Big data analytics is an effective way for
organisations to strategize their marketing and advertising schemes and lead to
better decisions. It helps companies analyse it and identify new opportunities.
That leads to better decisions which in turn helps achieve higher profits and
happy customers. Few factors that makes big data analytics important are:

reduction: The newer technologies give companies
access to many technologies that helps in real time data storage and
processing. Competition in the cloud storage and data warehouse vendors also
help companies find large storage for cheaper rates.

making made faster: With the newer
technologies in distributed systems, it helps companies make decisions or strategies
based on real time data which helps them provide better service to customers.

products: By analysing search patterns, companies
will be able to find what customers need thereby able to create new tools or
products that can satisfy customer needs.

are some factors that might prevent an organization from adopting Big Data

Big data is a booming technology in todays
world. It is being used in most of the industries to increase their sales and
products and to find the right customers. But there are industries that still do
not use big data technologies. Few of the factors that prevent the
organisations from adopting Big data solutions are:

The cost to implement is one of the main factors that prevent companies from
adopting Big data solutions. It is maybe easy for larger companies to implement
it but it is difficult for small companies to do the same.

Skilled Staff: Another factor is the lack of
skilled professionals in the industry. Since companies invest a lot of money in
the technologies, they need experienced people to operate and use it.

Security and privacy: Many companies collect
many sensitive data from customers, they must be responsible for its privacy. Using
the advancement in technology, people can misuse the data. Another factor is whether
the one analysing the sensitive data is really qualified to do the same. This
maybe a factor that users might consider before providing the data.