My storage and performing parallel computations. Map Reduce

My experience here at Capgemini made me realize the potential
and scope of these new technologies in the coming decade. While my functional
knowledge of these technologies was greatly enhanced, I believe there is still
much to learn on the technical front. I am hoping that pursuing graduate
studies in computer science would help me fulfill that gap. This has prompted
me to return to academia.

My areas of interests include
distributed systems and networks, parallel computing, and cloud computing. More
and more companies are looking to build entirely new computing ecosystems as they transition from mainframe to
Hadoop clusters, and adopt cloud technologies in order to drive down cost and
improve efficiency. I believe there is huge scope for improvement and
optimization in these fields which is evident from the new inventions which are
happening every day. However, it also faces many challenges such as security,
fault tolerance, and load balancing. This opens up many avenues for future

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I did an internship at Wishtree
Technologies where I was part of a team involved in the development of ‘Geo
location based personalized search’ service. The software lets users to search
for latest information about product prices, sales, discounts based his/her
location and allows clients to advertise themselves and promote their products.
As part of the project we had set up a cluster of computers and used Apache
Hadoop for data storage and performing parallel computations. Map Reduce
programs were written in Java. The project gave me practical exposure in
distributed and parallel computing and Networking. I selected Advanced Computer
Networks, Distributed Systems and Parallel Processing as elective courses in my
eighth semester in order to broaden my knowledge in these areas.

I chose UT Dallas because it is
one of the leading research institutes, having recognized faculty members, and
offers a standalone track with concentration in Systems. My research interests
align with those of Professor Ravi Prakash, Professor S. Venkatesan and Professor
I-Ling Yen. I would love to get involved in the research on Mobile Ad Hoc
Networks (MANETs) conducted at the Distributed Systems Laboratory at UTD.




The Computer Science program at SUNY Buffalo
suited to my research interests and future goal. I chose SUNY Buffalo because
it is one of the leading research institutes, having recognized faculty members.
My research interests align with those of Dr. Russ Miller in the area of
Parallel Computing, Dr. Tevfik Kosar in the area of data-intensive distributed
computing and cloud computing, to name a few. I found the research groups and computing
facilities including labs such as Distributed Computing Systems Laboratory (DCSL)
to be impressive.