My I can’t be open with someone

My name is Dimple.

Student no: 100363977

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Country: I am from India.

Future goal: I am a devotional, calm, and positive person. I
believe in the present. I just do my duty everyday with all my hard work
because you should not have to worry about the results it will be good if you
have done right. I am an introverted person I speak very less because I love
silence. Every person has dreams, and my dream is to help needy people in my
life and to make my parents feel proud on me. Instead of this, I have set some
my future targets, I love adventure, I want to do trekking, maintaining, river
rafting, bungee jumping, skydiving, and Camping. I want to visit every
religious place. Moreover, I want to become a good writer. I have not yet
planned for this, but I don’t know,
its just one of my dream because I love writing.

Challenges: My challenges in my life are very less this
might be because I am a positive thinker. I believe in my creator. I believe
that, create a life that
feels good on the inside not one that just looks good on the outside. Apart
from this, I think so I have one challenge, as I am an introverted person, I
can’t be open with someone easily. I need sometime so it means that my
communication skills with others are not so good.

Successes: I guess so; I am a good daughter of my parents. I
am a good student of my teachers. I am a creative and patient person, which
always helps me. But I would realize success only that day when my mind and
heart will say to me yes you have done your job on this earth.

Things, which I don’t understand: so many things such as
every person know the right thing to do, but then why there are so many sins?
Some people are very superstitions, it’s not wrong. It’s just a human nature.
But I don’t understand, ” when time is never ready to wait…. For us,

Then why should we always wait for the right time?

No time is wrong to do the right thing…

Some people find happiness in money, but I believe that
happiness does not depend upon the money; it depends upon the situations. For
example, one child feels happy to buy that balloon and the other child felt
happy by selling that balloon.

At the last, I just want to say that I
am a fully devoted person to my god. I just believe that nothing can dim the
light that shines from within.