My from the Supreme Court’s decision way

friends and I were talking about a very sensitive matter just some days back.

Keep in mind that some of them are gay which is no longer an issue in this
present day and age. There were those who were still quite offended about the
matter and protested that the sexual revolution in the U.S. should not be taken
into consideration. It was a group discussion that involved different types of
people from all walks of life. It was surprising to me particularly because
this was an issue done with in the country by the late 2014 but it still had
not made much progress in some people’s minds even in the present age.

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Sexual identity, revolution and
classification have been factors clearly defined in the U.S. for over four
decades now. There has always been a tug of war between those that believe and
welcome this change in society and those who still think in the olden ways of a
clear way of marriage and relationships. While more than 70% of the United
States population were busy welcoming gay marriages in the fourth quarter of
they year 2014, Judge Jeffrey, S. Sutton, at the same time,  was making petitions in court on how to reverse
this changing times to strict man-and-woman union as marriage. Massachusetts
was already on board with the legalization of same sex marriage from the
Supreme Court’s decision way before 2014. It had reached this decision in the
Goodridge v. Department of Public Health late 2003. This is a clear distinction
of almost 10 years.

The law, at least the majority of it,
seems to be fully supportive of the movement and revolution, welcoming new
definitions and manners of living in the society. One Judge Sarah Zabel of the
Miami- Dade County Circuit Court judged that the denial of same sex marriage
was a discriminatory act that led to the formation of another class of
citizens; the class that would not be able to live freely and express
themselves as they wished. She had earlier on been supported by Christine
Gregoire who is the former Washington governor on this matter early in 2012
where he emphasized the importance of the American Constitution to fight for
equality for its entire people in all of history.

The debate was still heated up. It had
grown to a class discussion now with our lecturer, Mr. Watch, observing from a
distance without uttering a single word. It was a civilized argument between
one body that did not want to welcome a paradigm shift and another that
represented the paradigm shift itself. Amazing how sometimes the human mind can
be slow to change: change that would save so much time and energy. The talks
were more of facts, science and history. Only few took the chance to look
around the present day, to understand that the lack of shift in perspective was
outdated and that this debate was only a waste of time. Change had already
conquered. Not in everyone’s mind but the dust had already settled and it was
now a fact that same sex marriage was legal in all American states.

Sometimes the law brings changes that
affect its people in different manners. There will always be people vouching
from both extreme ends: one accepting changes while the other neglecting the
fact that the world truly is changing and it might be an appropriate time to
change with it. This situation, acceptance of same sex marriages, has been an
irrelevant issue since 2014 because that was when it was made law. Some people,
however, haven’t had a chance to comprehend that completely. They are still
stuck in the old ways of living. It would be considered a little selfish from
their perspective because the reality is that they experience the liberty to
marry and live with whomever they desire but think its wrong for others to live
the same, just because they are different. The fact is that it’s a different
era and there is no turning back from it.