My engineer. But it all started when I

My ambition was to become
an aeronautical engineer. But it all started when I came to know about the
“Fire Protection Fluid-NOVEC” in a seminar at science exhibition. I pondered a
question how come a fluid can be created that looks similar to water that used
to extinguish the fire and it can be converted into a gas once discharged from
the apparatus. I was also wondering about the chemical compounds, structures
and formula and their origination. Then I decided to take myself into a
research field that can take the world to a better position. So, I chose
Chemical Engineering that has a diverse scope. I was fascinated by the role of
chemical engineer in taking the world forward in various fields like food,
pharmacy, textile, biochemical, oil and gas, paper and pulp, petroleum and so

During my undergraduate degree,
I was enthralled to pursue my graduate program in abroad. Now that Canada is leading
their way as a ground-breaker in a research field. Their research works are at
its top notch. Most significantly, Canada is offering good support for
international students and also good- opportunities in working and research

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As a scholar at St.
Joseph’s College of Engineering, I have sculptured myself with interpersonal
and cognitive skills. I have been one among the toppers of my college. The
reason of choosing St. Joseph’s College of Engineering is that rather than
providing a good education to all the students they are well disciplined in all
manner and they support their students to a greater extent. I had been
accoladed with prizes at various universities and colleges for paper
presentation, poster presentation. I was also awarded second prize in technical

To enhance my knowledge
and to use them in a real-time application, I did my project on “Extraction of chitosan
from shrimp shell and using that in corrosion application” and “Styrofoam as a
corrosion inhibitor in carbon steel and mild steel”. It was the time I ingress
into the research field and understood that the chemical compounds have the
ability both to build and destruct the world. So, I am interested in using this
field to reduce the destructive pollution that is happening around us.

During my one-month
internship at “Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI)” I did my work on
“Process optimization and production of polyhydroxy butyrate”. As an intern I
was acquainted with various technologies and usage of NMR Spectroscopy, gas
chromatography, bomb calorimeter, biochemical reactor and also design in
jacketed heat exchanger and biochemical reactor.

In my four year of undergraduate
studies I did my internship at “International Flavours and Fragrance (IFF)”, “TTK
healthcare” and “Syncromax Biotech Limited”. During which I learned about the
various unit operations, practical concepts and methods that are widely used in
chemical industry.

I am currently doing my
final year project on “Optimization and modelling of carboxypeptidase production
from kluyveromyces marxianus” at Central Leather Research Institute. I had read
various publications from different authors that showed various technologies
involved in the field and understood that I need to optimize those technologies
in my upcoming research work. As a result of my cognition, my review paper was
published in “Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology”.

Apart from academics I had
volunteered myself with high self interest in extra-curricular activities. I
had learnt classical dance for nearly 8 years and actively participated in
various cultural programs and competitions. I have good drawing skill for which
I was awarded with first price in a competition conducted by “Ministry of
Textiles, Government of India”. I had received Governor Award “Rajyapuraskar”
in The Bharat Scouts and Guides for my joyous pursuit in the service of
mankind. I was awarded first place in “21st Inter State Mathematical
Competition”. I was accorded with first place in oratorical competition
conducted by “Tamil Nadu State Aids Control Society (TNSACS)” and “National
AIDS Control Organisation (NACO)”

The thought of becoming a
successful chemical engineer is ingrained in me and I am fascinated to pursue
my studies in Canada. I want to go to the next level in the field of Chemical Engineering
that requires a lot of support from top staffs which I believe ——–
University can provide me.

I want to stabilize myself
in your well reputed institution. Chemical engineers with an avant-garde skill
are having a demand around the world and I convey that I will contribute all my
talents and efforts to enhance the student body of your college. I also like to
put myself in different situations which gains me experience which will help me
to develop better as a person and contribute to the society in a better way.