Muslim(Shia) year SHIA Islam is more notable


Muslim(Shia) protest in muharram

In muslim there is a sect which is known as “shia”  for two month  they organized some events and they spend this
two months as a sad time of an year
SHIA Islam is more  notable sectarian
divisions than Shia Islam1 they organize events like a  protest and some gathering and one person tell
them all  same story every year what was
happened to their heroes and the exact story and they beat themselves to feel
the pain which their heroes observe many year ago and they have some other
concepts which differ from person
Permission is not needed from any person to attend this event because this
events are for every person and anyone can attend them of any religion and as
this are public event there is no issue of confidentiality in this event its
like a public protest in which every person Is welcomed
this events happened on the roads and  open public places where a big gathering is
welcome so it is very easy to observe and this events are conduct every year
mostly at same place and in nearly every country where they exist according to
muslim calendar which is make difference of 20 days every year than world
calender there are some further division in shia muslim and they have some
different concepts but they also conduct and attend this type events2

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I attended this events and protest  and i
interview one person there and he tell me that the basic purpose of this event
that they do this actions in the owner of their hero who gave their lives to
safe islam and there relatives were not allowed to cry and weep so they weep
and beat themselves because there heroes relatives were not allowed to do that
and all this type of actions can get the attention from the whole world and
tell the whole world what was happened with their heroes and what they did in
return with their enemy on that time and I note this thing that females are not
directly include in this events some events are conducted for girls and men are
not allowed in that events it is observed that shia treat gender in separate
manner3 and there are many ritual in that events in which some trained  horses come to public and people start to kissing
and then all people there  stand in row
and start beating their chest and then some people come with a chains having
knife at the start cutting their back and there are some people who cut their
head with big knife and some people pray on fire and they are all sad before
and after the events because in those two months muslim related to those sect
remain sad and they not even laugh in first 10 days of this time and during
this events. they  were all weeping like
they got a big loss in their life because according to them this action is
included to goodness and some people even try to weep even they are unable to
do that.There are some people having black flags in their hand  and something like a grave and some people
moving them with events and people were kissing and praying infront of this
objects and every time they beat themselves they take the name of their hero in
loud voice and some people were saying something like a poem and other people
have some relevance with this thing in some way and this is not related to all
muslim these events are related to a specific sects in muslim which are shia
and their further division .there are further many division in muslim religion
and Shia is one of them.there was no one who was like incharge but there are
some boys who are arranging all in this events who are associated with
religious family who conduct this events and there was a man who tell all the
story that what happened to their heroes and all people give him a lot of
respect and this man had some different clothes 
than other people there and he moved to stage and start telling the
story to all people there.

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