Music and something like heavy metal. For

Music is not only melody; actually,
music is a kind of hope.  Every type of
music has its own history and background and also offers different hopes for
diverse groups of performers and audiences. 
On January 26th, I had the privilege of enjoying the
performance by The Birdland All-Stars at Eisenhower Auditorium which really
gave me a good memory, hope, and some feelings.  To be honest, this concert was my first time
to participate in which was totally different as I imagined before joining
it.  The performance was energetic,
powerful, upbeat, and, most important, attractive.  I never know I could be appealed by Jazz
music in this tremendous degree. 
Overall, this was a new experience for me and, definitely, was a unique
and entertaining performance because of the display of music and the
performers’ personal characteristic.

Birdland All-Stars band, one of the Big Apple’s most popular performance
groups, has impacted on the public and established the new standard for the
modern jazz orchestra.  The soul of this
band, in my opinion, is Tommy Igoe who is recognized as one of the best
drummers in the jazz music world.  Lots
of positive reviews have been posted in every kind of media, such as newspaper,
magazine, and even social media.  From my
personal experience about participating in the performance, the characteristic
Tommy spreads is so strong and attractive that he can catch every audience’s
eyes.  The music played from him had
diverse flavors, including soft, powerful, and something like heavy metal.  For me, I really enjoyed the soft one because
it gave me a feeling similar in a piano bar which was really comfortable,
relaxed, and with some romantic. 
Generally, the performance was awesome and the order for which kinds of
music should be played was also carefully designed, starting from powerful to
romantic and finishing with soft to give audiences a memorable and peaceful

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to a interviewer, Tommy said “I talk to the audience. That’s my secret
sauce.  I am committed to breaking the
wall down between performer and audience. 
I want to invite them in.  Jazz
can get very exclusionary.  I want
complete engagement.”  Because of Tommy’s
personal principle, the interaction during whole performance was incredibly a
lot.  The most impressed interaction for
me was Tommy mentioned Super Bowl stuffs which caught lots of audiences’
attention; this was very rare in the performance, especially for the music
categories.  However, Tommy used it very
appropriately and made audiences feel closed with the performer on the stage.

thing I felt amazing was the quality of audiences.  Because this was my first time to join the
concert, I never know what happened in the auditorium.  Therefore, when I first stepped into the
room, I felt everyone had already set up and respect this performance.  Besides, when performance starting, everyone
focused on performers not on their phones and generously gave the performers
claps every time which also gave motivation to performers.  During this almost two-hour show, I just saw
one or two people left their seats which was very good phenomena for both
performers and audiences.

be honest, I still memorize every moment in that performance until now not only
because that was my first experience but also it broadened my horizon and took
me to the new world.  I really appreciate
this course to invite this world-class band to perform in our campus.  I definitely will attend in their show in the
future and be willing to recommend to my friends.  The principle of Birdland All-Stars is
thrilling audiences at “The Jazz Corner of the World” and I really experience
what that means after enjoying the performance.