Music the world and then pure it


                Music has always been a part of
mankind.Obviously music has inspired a seemingly endless stream of fantastic
productions such as CD,MTV,broadcasting,concerts and so on, which we cannot
live without.It springs out general human feelings, needs and desires at every
level.There is an endless variety of music available
–instrumental,blues,jazz,rock,pop,reggae and lots more.

             Walk into any IT company today ,
you will see people working with their headphones on.Strool into the reception
of any multinational company , you will be greeted with a pleasant music
playing at a low volume from the speakers.Most people say that music helps them
work better and creates a relaxing ambience.Generally, music provides an
opportunity to reduce stress and help us walk fearlessly towards
difficulties.Music can brings us information about cultures,history, science
and religion all over the world.It is like the vase that can collect every
little dew in every corner in the world and then pure it to virigate
people’s  hearts and allow people to
understand each other better regardless of different languages, ages and races.

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             Traditional music is more
preferable kind of music than international music in the most of
countries.Firstly, traditional music or folk music is one of national
heritages. Traditional music can help people understand a country better.It
represents the history, traditions and thoughts of a community.For example, our
fol k music is extremely diverse and it expresses spiritual cultural activities
of country people.

             Answered without hestination,
music is an exploration of our deepest feelings and motivations and one of the
greatest of human treasure.Not only is it hard to measure how much those
musicians’ masterpieces  bring into our
society but also it is also difficult to imagine how long they will continue to
influence us.In conclusion,as music can function as the roll to bring the world
peace and beauty and bring people happiness,enjoyment .It is self-evident that
music is so important to us.