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My client business is K-Fit Ltd, they have been up and running for 6 years now and supply a wide range of customers with kitchen supply’s and kitchen fitting services. The company sends out an employee to measure the kitchen for the fitting service and shows the customer a range of designs then supply’s the worktops, units and any other items ordered, from a third party company. As it stands the company has around 15 employee’s working in and out of the home base, fitting and supplying the kitchens.

Mr Brookes started his business with just himself and his ambition and now has multiple offices located around Norfolk as well as a factory in development to make and supply all his own products. Mr Brookes is no stranger to hard work and grafting to get what you want; before K-Fit was started he used to work for another company as a plumber, but after 10 years of hard loyal work for the company he was made redundant. After that he decided to invest the money in where he thought there was a hole in the market.

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As trade has declined recently for Mr Brookes though he has been forced to take a new approach to work figuring out a way to develop on his business and increase his revenue. Which is why nearly all of his money is tied up in this factory development, he’s hoping the company will use a range of CAD and CAM machinery. The Problem Mr Brookes has finally decided to expand his business due to the imminent production of the factory by moving away from the actual fitting of the kitchens and more along the lines of supplying them, but doesn’t quite know where to start; he wants less effort for both the customer and provider in the ordering service.

Another thing wanted by the client is for the customer to be able to see what products they offer before hand; as well as having the ability to advertise his company with something with a bit more standing than a simple newspaper advertising. He’s hoping to expect around 200 – 300 batch orders a week but if promoted well and products are priced correctly he can achieve way beyond that figure. Another major thing he mentioned was that it needs to be a system that the majority of people can relate to and has to be easy to use for both customer and employee’s alike.

The reason a lot of work is being lost is down to the fact that customer’s just simply live to far away from our work range and advertising range so if there was anyway to improve this which is cost effective would be excellent. Requirements for the Client  Prices and expenses shown  Advertisement for the company  Less effort for Mr Brookes in sending out his employee’s maybe 2 or 3 times before the kitchen is even fitted Requirements for the End User  Minimal effort for the customer and employee alike in the ordering and decision for product  Ability to view products from home.

A good system to track orders Investigation I have interviewed my client to find out what exactly it is he wants for his ICT system to aid his company (see appendix 1). I also conducted a survey for customers (see appendix 2) this offered a lot of information for me to use, as I handed out 60 surveys for them to fill in. Proposed Solution The decision for a solution could range from a number of things like an email ordering service or a new home base is a city for example but overall I feel that a website would be perfect as well as cost effective.

A website can offer a range of things, firstly a quick ordering system that almost everyone can access from home; on top of that there will be a constant string of advertisement for the business. The opening hours will no longer apply for orders so it will be possible to take orders through the night ready to be processed the following day. The end user has minimal effort therefore the option of ordering via the website will be much more appealing.

The beauty of a website is that you can have the ability to incorporate a huge number of ideas into one place therefore if anything you feel is not right, all it takes is a little bit of tweaking and setting it right. It could be a good idea to have a employee’s page so that the customers can see where the products are coming from and who is helping design them to give them piece at mind that they will be getting top quality products. Input, Process and Output Task Input Process Output Search The product is searched for The database finds the best results for the search.

The best results are displayed for the end user and linked to all products Home page Customer clicks a link from the home page The link is then redirected to the home page. The page is then loaded up for the user. Customer Support Customer clicks the link The data is processed and the link is the provided The page is then loaded up offering the user a range of support via email, telephone ect Adding products to basket Customer clicks the link next to the product “add to basket” A cookie to the customers computer to remember the item in the basket The product is the linked to the customers basket easily viewable with the price ect.

Products Page Customer opens the products page and has a list of the available products. Customer clicks desired section and then is linked to the page The page is loaded up with products prices, stock ect Customer Feedback The customer writes there feedback in a section with their email address and then clicks send The feedback is sent to the companies email address and is then received The feedback is read and the customer is emailed back as well as the feedback given placed into a document for further reference. Contact Details Link from homepage to all contact details.