Moving grade 6, my father brought home a

Moving gears, motors and wheel turning on my toys always fascinated me. Taking my toys apart to understand how the various components work to make them move, has always been my favorite past time. At my younger age, I would spend hours building structures using Lego or other block toys, and by utilizing gears, pinions and small motors from broken toy cars, is where my passion for Engineering started.  At school, in primary and middle classes, science and mathematics helped me understand mechanisms.


In grade 6, my father brought home a 1965 Ford Mustang and started working on restoring it. Every afternoon, I would spend hours with him while he took the engine, transmission, rear axle and its body apart. Cleaning up various components, such as pistons, connecting rods and crank shaft, valves, cam shafts and timing belts. Looking at the distributor cap and how each spark plug will fire at a very precise moment to keep the engine turning, it is during that time I decided that I wanted to become a Mechanical Engineer. I still remember the sense of a great accomplishment when the car was restored and I went on the first test drive with my father.

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Watching engineering shows on National Geographic and Discovery channel, has flared my enthusiasm for extreme machines such as the tunnel boring machine, cranes, and oil rigs in the oceans are marvels of engineering. With the advances in the technology, what future engineers will be to design and product will be incredible.


During ninth grade take your kid to work day, I had the opportunity to visit the power plant my father works in. I observed a steam turbine that had been taken apart for repairs. How the precision curves, angles and the theory behind how the high pressure energy of steam is converted to kinetic energy to maximize the output and the steam flows through each stage of the turbine. I kept on thinking about the engineers who designed this, engineers who designed the machining procedure, assembling, testing and designed the installation and also who designed the complete plant. And I knew that I wanted to be one of them one day.


I volunteered at the Islamic Relief Canada to make cold calls to donors to collect donations for people in the world that are not as fortunate as us. I intent to take part in Engineers without Borders after I graduate to help people in the world. In school I was part of the audio visual club. I took part in the McMaster University Physics competition and got fifth position in my school.

My involvement in soccer and basketball has helped me to develop skills in teamwork. It is very important for everyone to work together as a team to win, a skill that is very important for engineers as they are always working in a team while working on projects.


I worked at Little Cease Pizza, this has helped me develop my interpersonal skills on how to interact with customers, which also helps further my confidence. I took an automotive course during which I learned very important thing such as health and safety in work place. I learned the importance of always following safety rules, using PPE at all times and the consequences of not using them.


Lastly, I feel that I have the desire, and the basic know how on being a Mechanical Engineer. Achieving a degree in Mechanical Engineering at your prestigious university will give me the best possible academic knowledge and with the guidance of the highly reputable professors, I will fulfill my desire to become the engineer that I have always wanted to be.


I hope you will give me the privilege to study at your fine institution.