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The main issue which a lot of managers discuss as the controversial for them is the question of motivating employees. The video Motivate Your Employees is created by BNet in order to provide the answers to the question what necessary factors which can motivate employees for achieving their goals work and which aspects are significant to know for every manager.

Teresa Amabile, the author of The Progress Principle, and Lindsay Blakely, the Senior Editor of BNet, are invited to the studio to discuss the issue. Thus, the major problem for the discussion presented in the video is the question of how to motivate the employees effectively. With focusing on the information provided in her book, Teresa Amabile determines a range of aspects which can be considered as influential for increasing the employees’ motivation among which the major factors are accentuated.

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BNet is one of the most popular business sites which works in association with CBS Money Watch and specializes in the questions of business management that is why the material from the site can be considered as credible. Motivate Your Employees is devoted to the current problem connected with the field of the effective management. It is stated in the video that employees provide the best results of their working process when they are happy, successful, and highly motivated.

Nevertheless, it is necessary for managers to pay attention to the aspects which can effectively motivate employees and stimulate them for reaching the best results in their work. It was very interesting to know that today 95% of managers really do not realize what aspects can motivate their employees inside organizations. That is why this problem requires its proper discussing.

At the beginning of the conversation Teresa Amabile presents the most surprising and unexpected factor which can contribute to increasing the employees’ motivation and which draws the audience’s attention. Thus, Amabile states that the issue of making progress in work depends on ‘little things’ which form our everyday reality and influence our behaviour and actions.

Small victories and any other little steps supported by positive emotions at workplaces can contribute to the larger progress. However, it is more interesting that the opposite side of this phenomenon is the fact that little negative things which can happen with an employee during his working day can influence his results more obviously, but negatively.

The managers’ task is to create the positive atmosphere at workplaces in order to guarantee the employees’ high level of productivity. Moreover, Teresa Amabile accentuates definite factors which can be used by managers for developing the necessary encouraging atmosphere in the organization.

These factors are the recognition for the work’s results, set of clear goals, support of the positive interpersonal relations based on nourishers and interpersonal events, expression of respect and encouragement (“Motivate Your Employees”).

Thus, it is stated in Motivate Your Employees created by BNet that today managers are challenged not only to organize their employees’ work effectively but also to motivate them to make the constant progress. The employees’ intrinsic motivation is based on those positive and negative ‘little things’ which happen to them at their workplaces every day.

That is why the successful manager should concentrate on creating the stimulating atmosphere at the workplace, to encourage the employees, and to contribute to forming the supportive interpersonal relations between employees in order to develop the necessary conditions for their making progress.

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