All in lining the sort of ideas that

All of Barclay’s employees are hard working and motivated to do their job effectively. One of the reasons for this could be that Barclays is providing a good working environment as well as good pay and with pay holidays for two weeks. Barclays is providing equal opportunities for every one in the community and this is the main reason they are succeeding. Motivation practices:

Many scientists have carried out research but found it very difficult to come with a one final definition of “motivation” the reason is we are all complex and sophisticated. Numbers of motivation theories have been put forward by scientists that are out of ordinary to human beings in lining the sort of ideas that can motivate people in the job they are doing. A lot has been written in books on websites about on motivation but it is important how manager use motivation tool to make their employees do the effective work.

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Successful organisation like Barclays, Tesco and many more listen to their staff to find out what their staff want from them, this might be how many hours do they want to work weekly, their opinions about on different issues, asking these questions definitely make employees to work hard because they will feel important. The job or responsibility of any business or manager is to get things done in most effective from employee. In order to do this easily the manager should know the factors, which motivate its employees to work hard. Motivations theories are difficult work, and sometimes they are difficult to follow.

For example one of the motivation theories says employees should be given sick, holiday pay, this might not be possible in a business which is not as big as some companies like Tesco, Barclays. In this (small) business there are then chances that people may not be as motivated as they should because one of the motivation factors has not been met. In my view Barclays can improve motivation in employees by appraising the staff work every three months; Barclays also should divide the staff work or their punctually in three different levels Good, Very Good, and Excellent.

This will make employees to work even harder for their work to be graded as “Excellent”. Maslow’s Hierarchy Source: http://www. trumpuniversity. com/learn/images/maslow_hierarchy. gif The source of Maslow’s theory is that human are motivated when they enjoy the work, when people think because of what they are doing is good this makes them perform the effective job. Maslow thinks these needs are very important to be met. If we are getting all the needs he has listed out, we are moving towards growth success.

Satisfying these needs is simply moving towards achieving the business goals and objectives, while not following these needs make us feel de-motivated about the work. Maslow has set up a hierarchy of five levels of basic needs. Beyond these needs, higher level of needs exist. These include needs for self-esteem, self-actualization and above all psychological need without this need being fulfilled there are NO chances for individuals to perform at all.

In the levels of the five basic needs, the person does not feel the second need “Safety” if the first need “Physiological” needs have been satisfied or the “Self Esteem” and until the Belonging need have not been met, and so on. Maslow’s basic requirements are as follow: Physiological Needs: These needs are biological needs. This need is made of food, shelter, and warmth. These needs are very important for human. If any of these needs are not met then there are very slim chances for humans to perform their job effectively.

For example if an individual has not eaten for two days, how can he perform his duties effectively? It is very important that these needs are met before the individual even plan to perform their duties effectively. Safety Needs: When all the physiological needs are met, and there are no longer thoughts and behaviours, which are controlling human to not to perform well, the need for security can become active. It is a fact that adults are not bothered about their security needs except in times of emergency or periods of ineffectiveness in the social structure.

This need needs to be met after the Physiological needs have been met, because this need plays an important role when an employee has to perform the job itself. For example if the employee thinks where he is working is not the safe place to work, he easily can be harmed then this individual is not likely to perform his job effectively. Needs of Love, Affection and Belongingness: When the needs for safety and physiological are satisfied, the next class in his theory is the Belonging.

This part of the theory states that at work place individual need to feel that they belong to a group when they are at work. This might be staff should feel that they are working for a business which cares for them; staff should feel the part of the team when they are at work. This need must be met if the organisation is to succeed, if staff of the business is not performing well then there are chances that business might not do as well as it should. Needs for Esteem:

When the first three classes of needs are met, the needs for self-esteem can become crucial to be met. This involves the need for both self esteem and for the esteem an individual (staff) gets from its colleagues at work. Humans require a respect from others if they are not getting the respect attention, corporation then there are chances that individual might not do as well as it should. When individual is getting enough attention, respect, corporation form other then, then the person feels confident about himself, and as valuable person in the world.