Most Torah in the synagogue. When Christians who

Most religions have
common rites of passage which they celebrate, the similarities and
some differences in Christianity and Judaism were highlighted.

In Christianity,
new born babies go through christening. It is the first step that
Christians take towards God and the welcoming of the child into the
religion. Parents and Godparents are asked questions about their
faith and beliefs, which are answered in public. After making their
promises they gather around a big bowl called a font, which is filled
with water. When the water is blessed, it is poured onto the child’s
head along with blessings. The pouring of the holy water symbolizes
the washing away of original sin. Similarly, in Judaism when a child
is born they are welcomed to their religion by celebrating Brit
milah. In Brit milah, a boy child is circumcised eight days after he
is born which is performed by a Mohel. The circumcision is a sign of
the covenant between Abraham and God. If it is a girl the father
announces the baby’s name and reads the Torah in the synagogue.

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When Christians
who were baptized as babies become teenagers or adults they go
through confirmation to confirm their faith for themselves. Likewise,
when a Jewish boy reaches 13 years old, he is considered old enough
to be responsible for his spiritual growth, this rite of passage is
called bar mitzvah and for a girl Bat mitzvah which is the coming of
age ceremony.

In Christianity,
the couple publicly makes vows promising to love, care and to be
faithful to one another. After the vows have been made the couple
exchange the rings as a symbol of their everlasting love and
faithfulness. The marriage is blessed and prayers are said to the
couple. A registration is signed as a sign of a legal recorded
marriage. Whereas in a Jewish marriage, couples do not publicly make
vows instead, the groom signs the Ketubah which contains his promises
to provide and take of his wife. During the wedding service, seven
blessings called Sheva brachot are read out. The groom crushes the
wine glass under his foot symbolizing that there will be hard times
in marriage. During the ceremony, the Ketubah is read out and
blessings are said out over the couple and the groom places a ring on
the bride’s finger as a symbol of their everlasting love.