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There have been numerous debates on whether to abolish or retain the monarchy in Canada. This essay gives the reasons why the monarchy in Canada should not be abolished.

The first reason why the monarchy in Canada should not be abolished is that it creates stability and continuity in the country. The current queen has been on the throne for a period exceeding fifty years. During this period, she has witnessed the coming and going of many Prime ministers (Jackson 145). The country has experienced political instability many times but the Queen has always remained a constant figure during such moments of instability.

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The monarchy traces its roots back to the sixth century and has endured all along. As a result it links the country with its past well, which is a valuable component of the country’s national identity.

Canadian politics have been in the past accused of dealing with extremists. The presence of the monarchy in Canada which is the highest elected office, shields the country from communist dictatorship. In comparison with other European countries that have overthrown their ruling monarchies, Canada has remained stable throughout the twentieth century.

The second reason why the monarchy should not be abolished is its impartiality. The queen of Canada does not take political sides and is therefore regarded apolitical. She hardly expresses what she thinks about government policies. As a result, she qualifies to be a perfect figurehead to be presented to the world.

A neutral monarch is instrumental in building good relations with countries that have political scenarios that are completely different from that of Canada. As a representative of Canada in other countries, the monarchy earns the country reasonable revenue through tourism. Every year, many people tour the palaces to learn more about the monarchy (Tidridge 79).

The third reason why the monarchy in Canada should not be abolished is that it promotes patriotism. Monarchs are naturally patriotic than presidents or prime ministers. They exhibit great love for their country and are always committed towards doing the best for the country.

This implies that unlike presidents or prime ministers, monarchs never have conflicts of interest. Ideally, they put a lot of effort in promoting patriotism. In a monarchy, a lot of contribution is channeled towards building the nation hence the undying love for the country. Patriotism interests are therefore served well by the monarchy thus it should not be abolished.

Historical studies that have been conducted throughout the world have attested to the fact that the monarchy plays a critical role in building the civilization of Canada. It is almost impossible to think of civilization in Canada without focusing on the part played by the monarchy in promoting it.

The monarchy is associated with building great things for the country. On the contrary, republics are characterized by destruction. Some are established through bloody means where thousands of people lose lives. For instance, Iran, Serbia and Kosovo among other countries have experienced unrest as a result of destroying monarchies. For the sake of civilization and continued peace, the monarchy in Canada should not be abolished (Trottier 4).

The monarchy in Canada should not be abolished in favor of other forms of governance. This is because it has many advantages that are beneficial to the country. Its destruction may plunge the country into unrest as it has been witnessed in other countries.

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