Mitosis the cell gets bigger so it

 Mitosis SummaryA cell divides because it is too big for the material to go from one place to another, and the information might not reach there in timeAnother reason why the cell divides is because the bigger the cell the more responsibilities it has on the DNA.The DNA stays the same even if the cell gets bigger so it has to divideThere are materials for the cell that go through the cell membrane, and some waste material that go out, and if the surface area is too big then it will have to divide.Using the proportion of surface area inside the cell, and the volume you can tell how the total area expands in relation to the volume.The volume in a cell expands quicker than the surface area of a cellIf the cell grows larger than it would be hard for the materials to go in and out of the cell because of all the conjunction. Cell division is when a cell splits into two and there are two daughter cells.The DNA gets replicated before the cell divided, so that there will be no difficulties with the daughter cell. Cell division also reduces the cell volume.Reproduction is producing offspringAsexual reproduction is where the organism doesn’t need a mate but, it just divides itself, and creates an offspring. The children in asexual reproduction are identical to the first oneAsexual reproduction occurs mostly in single celled organism but also in some multicellular organisms.Sexual reproduction requires two individuals, and the child has genetic information from both of the parents. Both sexual and asexual reproduction helps organisms survive, and both of them have advantages, and also disadvantages.Cell division helps heal cuts or broken bones, and it helps you grow.Chromosomes are genetic information condensed In prokaryotic cells the DNA is in one of the chromosomes that hold most of genetic informationEukaryotic cells carry a few chromosomes unlike prokaryotic cells that only have oneChromatin has protein and DNABefore the cell divides into two the cell has to grow, duplicate its DNA, and also arrange itself for division.There are three phases before the cell division which is the G1 phase the S phase and the G2 phase.The G1 phase is the growth of the cell, the S phase is the replication of DNA, and the G2 phase is the preparation of the cell division.Then there is an M phase which is the cell dividing.In prophase the DNA starts to duplicate, the nuclear envelope goes away, and the spindle forms outside of the nucleus.In metaphase the spindles start to connect with the centromeres. In anaphase the spindles start to pull the chromosomes apart to the opposite sides.In telophase the chromosomes turn back into chromatin, and the nuclear envelope starts to reform.In cytokinesis the cell divides into two.In plant cells it pinches in to separate the cells. In animal cells a wall starts to form by proteins from the inside out.