Misconceptions that they would like to acquire

Misconceptions abound on how PageRank is distributed within a site or
from another site to the next one. Below are some fascinating truths about


1. How Much PageRank Passes from a Link?

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People often wonder how a link is balanced and passed on from one site
to the other. Although the precise computation is unknown, here is an
assumption on how the calculation is done: 
Divide Outlook Value by Total Outlinks.


Outlinks are also known as outbound links. The number of links in a
page is utilized to compute or calculate the link equity’s volume. Having more
links on a page lessens the significance of each link.


2. Can You Use No-Follow to Control Where PageRank Goes?

No, you cannot use no-follow to control a PageRank’s destination. SEOs
exploits the no-follow by using no-follow links to pages they are not
interested in, making it possible to conserve their own PageRank, which they direct
to pages that they would like to acquire more PageRank.


3. Links Never Pass Full Amount of Page Rank

The depreciation of Outbound links are caused by a lot of things and is
a normal occurrence. A depreciated or devalued link is typically caused by the

a. Relevance

b. Link’s Position on Page

c. Possibility of Link Being Clicked

d. Image vs. Text Link (when link looks like an advertisement)

e. Words that Borders a Link


4. Link Equity (Normally) Passes from Page to Page

People have the wrong idea that links from an “authority site” will
boost rankings. This is often erroneous because links used in “authority sites”
seldom increases the page’s rank.


5. Do Links from “Authority Sites” Help?

Some authority sites like the Huffington Post and Forbes have used the
no-follow links in 2017. However, no significant change was noticed within the
SEO industry for the said sites. Therefore, it can be assumed that site or
domain authority can be considered an algorithm metric but cannot be used as an
actual metric to increase page ranking in browsers like Google.


6. Outbound Link Have Ranking Value for Page that is Linking Out

Outbound links are considered valuable when the site links to a page
that is relevant to the site. But links that are directed to irrelevant pages
will acquire negative rankings since the link was connected to a page or site
that does not contain the information given on the previous site or page where
the link was.


7. When a Site Passes PageRank, is it losing PageRank?

The answer to this particular question is no, because each page stands
out on its own and outbound links assist in site or page rankings. So when a
page contains significant information or matter useful to users then it will
acquire its proper ranking merit with the help of the links present on the


8. Should all Links go to the Page?

When a home page is considered by users to be relevant and useful then
that is where most browsers or users will normally link from. When this happens
the traffic to that particular page will either increase or decrease depending
on the number of people who finds it useful. Search engines are going to base
their rankings on the traffic flow of users who goes to a specific site or