Miliken to give a better comments and

Miliken has been consistently rated as one of the safest company to work. They have achieved this mainly via successful implementation of its involvement-based employee engagement program. This program focus on reducing unsafe acts by fostering a culture of safety that focus on involvement from all levels, interactive collaboration on safety, continuous effort in improving safety procedures, encouragement of incident reporting and a shared vision of safety excellence. In Milliken, we can observe that they have established an employee driven safety committee meeting that allow for a structured process to submit safety improvements suggestions. This will allow continuous improvement on safety process with inputs coming from the employee themselves. This bottom up suggestions is a good way of unearthing hidden risks that are normally elusive from the view of higher management executives, especially since the employee are the closest person to the work environment at site.All the suggestions for improvement that Milliken has collected from the safety committee meeting are then translated into performance metrics for working level implementation. By having these target quantified as performance metrics, it will allow for 2 main benefits. First is that each employee involvement can be measured and compensated which will motivate employees at an individual level. Second is that it allows for audit and inspections to be conducted to ensure continuous adherence towards safety procedures by respective units and departments. Another good practice by Milliken is that they empower employees with skill and knowledge related to their respective safety jobs or target. Potential workplace hazards are either too obvious that people tend to miss or too complicated that one without knowledge will not able to identify. By providing adequate training, Milliken staff are in better position to identify such potential hazards hence allowing improvements to take place. Additionally this action of reducing safety act via training allows employees to give a better comments and feedbacks to their peers so that knowledge and experience can be shared to all.Finally, Milliken also implemented a safety tracking mechanism that ensure all safety suggestions, audit findings and other safety agenda are tracked and finalized. This shows how serious they are in handling all feedbacks. Indirectly, employee will also feel encouraged to give more feedbacks as the organization is perceived to be treating all input seriously. By having a systematic approach and system in place, it will ensure that all feedbacks are tracked with action for improvement being monitored. A management dashboard are also in place so that the management can monitor the status of safety improvements taking place in the organization. From the points discussed above, it can be seen that Milliken have implemented various safety improvement methods that covers people, process and technology factors. These practice are deeply rooted into their company culture, hence everyone embrace these safety procedure in their daily tasks without much resistance. With all the key initiatives they did, it is no wonder why they are among the best company in terms of good safety records.