Microtransactions $60 (The average cost of all

Microtransactions are small purchases you can buy to speed up the process of things or to get items, supply drops, whatever.  DLC is similar, but instead of little purchases, it’s one purchase to gain extra content, such as a map pack.  These purchases are good for the company making the game, but not good for the consumer. In my opinion, these purchases ruin games by making them feel incomplete, adding forms of real money gambling, and stealing the money you could’ve spent on another game.  Microtransactions and DLC should be phased out of video games. Microtransactions are a form of gambling.  I’ve seen the ways that people can spend money on large amounts of microtransactions and earn nothing of value.  I had a friend at one point who spend over $200 on microtransactions to buy crates in a game.  He didn’t get any overpowered weapons, just weapon skin duplicates, character taunts that didn’t look great, and at best one or two melee weapons that were of the equivalence of the default one. DLC can make the game feel incomplete.  In my time of seeing many games with DLC in it, I’ve noticed that for a gamemode of some of the games have only one map to play on.  If you wanted to get more, you would need to purchase one of four or five total DLC packs.  This makes the game feel unfinished because you’re constantly having to pay money to get the full experience of the game. The money you spend on these purchases would amount to the value of another game.  I’ve seen the costs of DLC and microtransactions, and if you wanted to purchase all the DLC, it would be around $60 (The average cost of all DLC nowadays).  If you add the microtransactions you bought to get overpowered gear/upgrades, then this would amount to about $100 dollars just for extra content of the probably already expensive game. Microtransactions and DLC are a problem throughout the gaming community.  It may seem like a problem that can’t be stopped, but there is a solution to help solve it.  This solution is to just not purchase any of them.  We should stop buying them to show the creators that we don’t support it.  Then maybe one day you can pay for a video game once, like how they should be.