Communication hours, then it will cost a lot.

Communication within British airways – BA is a very large company, and they are all over the world. Therefore, each place where there are BA staff, there needs to be some form of communication between all sections of the BA Company. As they are so large they need some sort of efficient communication technology. BAA use various ways of communicating with every one else. BAA mainly uses e-mails to contact each other, which is very efficient and is free to use. Whereas, they still use the post to contact certain sections of BA, the pot isn’t nearly as efficient as e-mails.

Recently, BA has started to use global phone conferencing to communicate with each other. The only problem with phone conferencing is that it is costly. For example, for one line to another country it can cost 22 pence per minute, it doesn’t seem much, but if the conference was to go on for a couple of hours, then it will cost a lot. With in one BAA branch, to communicate within one place they use a local intranet and internal phone lines. These are both reliable unless there is a system breakdown. I would say that BA does have a good communication system.

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It seems to be efficient and there are no problems with any of their forms of communication. As they have more than one form of communication, if one type fails they have always got another form of communication to use. Employee organisation  BA is a national organisation. Below is a flat structure for BA. * A Flat organisation structure is also known as a horizontal organisation. It is a level where in there is no level between the staff and managers. In such an organisation the most trained employees are involved in the decision making process.

However, when BA began to grow and expand, the business turns into a hierarchical organisation structure. In fact most of the organisations worldwide start with a flat organisation structure. With the help of flat organisation structure the decision making process mostly involves most of the employees. Every employee’s feedback as well as opinion is taken into consideration. Due to this kind of structure employees and the top management interact on regular basis and there is a very understanding bonding that takes place in BA.

A flat organisation structure is more relaxed and so-called modern in approach where everyone directly reports to a single boss. This could provide greater speed in the decision making process but then the boss ends up taking care of a lot of things. Employee benefits BA workers are also related to their performance pay schemes, which cover a wide variety of methods of linking pay to a measure of individual or a group of in flight caters. They all share the idea that where a worker can vary output according to effort and this can be clearly related to earnings, the prospect of increased pay will lead to greater performance. Task Four