Laura’s were an adult; it seems I was

Laura’s sensitivity is shown here and we also see her polishing her glass collection. The opening speech in scene two from Laura illustrates her as nervous as her other approaches her. Then we onserve a little anger and forcefulness from Amanda as se barks “Deception? Deception?” It seems like Laura would rather deceive and lie to her mother than disappoint her. Amanda is very melodramatic and seeks attention constantly. Tennessee Williams displays this well throughout the play, more so than when Amanda says “I did not have the strength – to go to the D.A.R”. This seems over dramatised by Amanda and as a reader I feel she is acting in this way in order to claim extra attention.

Amanda then treats her like a naughty child. She asks clich� questions that all parents ask when they disapprove ” Why? Why? How old are you, Laura?”; “I thought you were an adult; it seems I was mistaken”. Following this we see that Amanda believes the case of Laura getting a man is a joint problem rather than something Laura must sort out alone. “What are wegoing to do, what is going to become ofus, what is the future?” Here Amanda uses a lot of collective pronouns to include herself into the situation. Words like ‘we’ and ‘us’ give the impression that maybe Amanda gives Laura everything because she is trying to use her to relive her life once more.

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Tennessee Williams shows music as Laura’s means of escaping her mother. Here as her mother continues talking about the fifty dollars tuition “Laura draws a long breath and gets awkwardly to her feet. She crosses to the victrola and winds it up”. The victrola is an old fashion music player. Laura seems to turn to music often in times of distress.

We then notice Amanda becoming aggressive and see her full with ager as she talks to Laura. Amanda has been paying tuition fees for Laura however Laura has not been attending. Laura claims to have gone walking but her mother believes this to be a lie. The fact she says walking is ironic because Laura has a disability (one of her legs is shorter than the other). This shows that Laura will even suffer having to walk in order to try and escape from her mother’s world of men and marriage.

“Walking? Walking? In winter? Deliberately courting pneumonia in that light coat? Where did you walk to, Laura?” We then see Amanda in a forceful and insensitive manner once more as she really tries to get the idea of men into Laura’s head. “I have seensuch pitiful cases”; “Barely toleratedspinsters” These words emphasise Amanda’s feelings upon this subject and are powerful words which have an impressionable impact on Laura.

“Stuck away in some little mousetrap of a room – encouraged by one in-law to visit another – little birdlike women without any nest – eating the crust of humility all their life!” This passage is quite dynamic and compelling, with powerful descriptions. “birdlike women” portrays petit, feeble women and “eating the crust” is like symbolism for the dry, hard, left over. Amanda is trying to show her daughter that if she doesn’t act now, only the worst pick of men will remain.

I think what Amanda is trying to do is find her daughter a ‘gentleman caller’ who will provide for her. Laura has failed at being successful so her mother believes the answer is to find a man who will provide for her. At the end of scene we again see Laura being associated with music. In this case it’s ‘The Pirates of Penzance’ which is a musical that the boy she once liked was part of. Amanda is not impressed by this at all as she believes it not to be very mascalin.

We also see that Laura does not have a very good idea about men. She liked a boy “once” just once! which was years in the past. Also, he didn’t he know her name. He used to name her after her disability, which even that he didn’t get correct. She once told him she had “Pleurosis”. Since then he had mistaken that for “Blue Roses”. Not only is that not her name but also roses are seen as the power of love. However, in this case they are blue, which is seen as cold. This love has been portrayed as a tragedy from the beginning by Tennessee Williams We then get another grasp of Amanda’s view of women. She is adamant that women need men and she then goes on to call Laura “sister” again, ad we saw earlier. “Girls that aren’t cut out for business careers usually wind up married to some nice man….Sister, that’s what you’ll do!”