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Megan FoleyMrs. GruenbergEnglish Foundations II15 December 2017Bullies in Today’s Society In 2014, “an Estimated 54 million Americans reported being bullied in the workplace every year” (Workplace Bullying). Workplace bullying is repeated, health-harming mistreatment by one or more people at a job site. In Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, the author makes Curley come across as a typical bully in his environment. Curley who just works on his father’s farm during the Great Depression in California aims to find the most defenseless coworkers in the book. Also because of the Great Depression occurring there were few jobs available, which is why Curley needed this job along with all the other men. Curley represents bullies in today’s day in age because he manipulates and judges other people. Curley is an example of a bully because is always judging the other characters who work on the farm. One of the main reasons why a bully bullies other people is because they want to make themselves feel better. “See, people that need to judge and criticize others have one thing in common: in order to feel better about themselves, they need to know others that aren’t like them down” (Mathews). For example, as soon as Lennie and George get to the farm Curley integrates them. “Curley stepped gingerly close to him. You the new guys the old man was waitin’ for?” (Steinbeck 34). Curley then starts immediately talking to George and Lennie, even though they weren’t even on the farm for that long. George always answered for Lennie. Curley figures out that Lennie is very vulnerable and defenseless. “By Christ, he’s gotta talk when he’s spoken to. What the hell are you gettin’ into it for?” (Steinbeck 25). Because of Lennie’s size but lack of intelligence, Curley judges him. “Come on, ya big bastard. Get up your feet. No big son-of-a-bitch is gonna laugh at me. I’ll show ya who’s yella” (Steinbeck 62). The swamper made it clear that Curley was a smaller man who picked on bigger men to feel better and higher up. Curley judging Lennie shows typical bullies in today’s society who also judge their targets all the time. He judges other people so that he can hide his flaws so he just brings out others. By being able to manipulate coworkers Curley is a bully. He manipulates his power because he knows he will never get in trouble for his actions. Another reason is because he just wants to show off that he is better than all the other workers. “S’pose Curley jumps a big guy an’licks him. Ever’body says what a game guy Curley is. And s’pose he does the same thing and gets licked. Then ever’body says the big guy oughtta pick on somebody his own size” (Steinbeck 26). This is obviously not the first time Curley has done something like this. “Some research shows that the very fact of having power may make some people wish to wield it in a noticeable way” (Why Do People Bully). A perfect example of this is when Curley beats up Lennie. Curley wasn’t worried about losing his job or getting in trouble for starting a fight because he was the boss’s son. He manipulates the people in his life. Curley was also controlling his wife. We never even learned her name which shows that she wasn’t very important to him at all. She was more of a possession to Curley instead of her own person. He controls her by not letting her talk to any of the other men on the farm. ” ‘I get lonely,’ she said. ‘You can talk to people, but I can’t talk to nobody but Curley. Else he gets mad” (Steinbeck 87). After bringing that up she changes the subject quickly because she was upset and anxious over the fact that Curley was controlling her. “The manipulator deliberately creates an imbalance of power, and exploits the victim to serve his or her agenda” (Ni). Bullies today are resembled by Curley because he targets people’s weaknesses to benefit himself. In Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, he shows how Curley is a typical bully because of his judgemental and cruel actions all through the book. Bullying can leave memories and emotionally hurt someone that could last forever. It can also cause mental problems in the future such as anxiety and depression. Not speaking up for any of the victims being bullied in a workplace is just as bad as being the bully yourself.