Media spacious auditorium that comprise of a hall

Media Studies LaboratoriesWe offer a system with upgraded interconnected PC’s which allow the students to pursue their worksmoothly. Moreover there are trained professionals and ICT teacher to assist the students with thetechnical and complex programming and other aid required.Science LaboratoriesWe believe it is imperative to have well equipped and quality science labs to make significantcontributions in all fields of science. We offer separate labs for Biology, Physics and Chemistry.Food and Nutrition LaboratoriesThe food and Nutrition labs are designed to encourage learning and discussion about healthy growth,food choices and nutrition. The students are not only taught of healthy eating and nutrition vocabularybut they are assist in cooking delicious food too.CafeteriasBTSC offer hygienic meals and beverages at its fully functional cafeteria. The cafeterias are all well-equippedand offer both hot and cold victuals. The children gather in these cafeterias for their lunch, where thisprovisions help foster healthy eating habits, it also helps in the social development of our students throughinteraction outside their classroom. Auditorium BTSC provides it students with an highly functional and a spacious  auditorium that comprise of a hall withsiting capacity of many people and a stage with smart screen at its back.It is used for all formal gathering:dramatics plays ,award ceremonies , seminars  ,various competitions, etc. and is really satisfying for theperformers and audience. Smart RoomsThe students have access to smart rooms, which are equipped with smart and interactive boards. These turnthe typical classroom and learning into a fun experience. The interactive nature of the boards enable ourteachers to provide opportunities for our learners to share and participate in the instructional process.Art RoomsArt rooms offer a carefree environment to the young artists to exhibit their creativity in an open access spacewith a wide variety of arts material. We believe arts room and artwork have a positive impact on building self-esteem among the children. On campus SecurityBTSC is determined to provide a safe, secure and carefree environment to its students, whether they are intheir classroom, out for extracurricular activity or even when they are travelling between home and school.  Vigilance is an essential element in keeping the school safe and our 24/7 surveillance team is always on toes,working tirelessly to provide a safe and sound environment for the studies to be carried out smoothly.  Our integrated school security employs fire alarm system, video monitoring and recording, visitor managementsystem, intercoms and walk through gates at every entrance. Beside this there are many armed personnel, fewin sight and others on their post monitoring and controlling the overall security situation. Join Bahria Town School and College One of the important factor for a child's development and success is a caring,inspirational and a nurturing adult. We are always seeking individuals who are capableof equipping the students to embark on a life long journey of learning and discovery orcan help the child to exploit and discover the world and all it has to offer.  We value our dedicated employees and strive to provide a friendly and encouragingwork environment, enriched with unparalleled career options and a wide variety ofdevelopment opportunities to support your personal and professional growth. Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional if you are apassionate and dynamic teacher with proven communication and technology skills andare interested in applying for a position at BTSC, please fill the Job ApplicationForm below. Visit us:Visiting the school is a great way to know and explore its campuses. However keepingin view the current security situation, we do not entertain unwelcome visitors andreserve the right to refuse admission. Failure to behave in accordance with the school's rules and regulation will also result inrefusal of entry or removal from the venue.  If you wish to visit our campuses, please fill the form below. We will review your requestand give you a confirmation call. Please bring along your original identity card. TransportationBTSC's transportation services are geared to facilitate the parents who need a safe andreliable solution for their ward's transportation.We operate bus fleet which are highly affordable with a nominal flat rate being chargedto every student.We maintain exceptional safety measures with buses equipped with video surveillancesystem and GPS. We also have armed guards for the buses, who personally escort thechildren to and from the vehicle.Transport is available on first come first serve basic and the parents have the flexibilityto choose from one way or return service.