Media defining media habits among adults. Demographical difference

Media placement means the strategy through which
marketers place their advertisement in the media. It can be television, radio,
newspaper etc. A marketer needs to understand which way his message can reach
most of the target market of his product. For that BTL or ATL method are used.
BTL stands for ‘Below-The-Line’ advertising. It can be done using direct mail,
brochure, flyer etc. This method is used for a larger and diverse audience that
is target market. On the contrary, ATL or Above-The-Line strategy is more
measurable way of advertising. TV, radio, newspaper etc. media are used for
this kind of advertising (The Biz Navigator, 2010). For ATL advertising
marketers need to know his target markets preferred media. Otherwise he would
not be able to pass his brand message to the target market. This ATL can be
again of two types. They are traditional advertising and digital or not traditional
advertising. Traditional advertising involves TV, radio etc. On the other hand,
digital advertising usually means advertising in online, mobile etc. (Agama Advertising, 2017).Peers is an inseparable element in our life.
Peer include a wide range of people who has impact in our day to day life.
People in the same class, community, sport, work group normally create a good
peer group. In details men keep connection with a number of people who can be a
colleague, a friend, a neighbor etc. These kinds of people have impact in our
life and in a big way. This peer habit can come from hangout groups. It can be
friends, office colleagues etc. From this environment media habit can grow. On
the other hand, family is a place where every person develops his attitude. As
a result, it also might have a strong influence on media habits of adult people
(Reitz, Zimmermann, Hutteman, Specht, & Neyer, 2014).Demographical difference is another way of
defining media habits among adults. Demographical difference may include
religion, education, income etc. Religion is a strong source of building
attitudes and personality in an individual. Because of religious belief, there
might be difference in media consumption habit of adults (Act for Libraries, 2017). Education can also
be another variable as educated people tend to prefer print media and less
educated people prefer broadcast media (Faison, Advertising: a behavioral approach for
managers, 1980). Also, income can be
another important variable for media usage habit. It has been seen that, income
of a family can affect the personality and behavior of a person (Bob Bryan, 2015).Lifestyle of a person can influence his decision on
media. Lifestyle means the way a person lives (Anitha, 2016). Lifestyle was first defined by
Anderson as “a systematic concept representing the living characteristics of a
certain society or group of people, which also differ from those of other
societies and groups of people.” (Anderson Jr, 1984). So, it can be an important variable
for selecting a media.