mbard Lombard brought up Anthony Marston’s name and

mbard questions If they’ve been in the wrong all along. Armstrong responds gravely. Lombard brought up Anthony Marston’s name and said he was a guy who would not commit suicide. There sudden was a pause, then Blore said “Mrs. Rodgers?” Yes. It’s possible that it might have been an accident. Philip didn’t understand how it was an accident. Dr. Armstrong said “Doctors can’t afford mistakes of that kind, my friend.” He then went white.         Mr. Justice wargrave still in the same thing sour voice addressed Armstrong. Dr. Armstrong said a woman has the capability of striking the blow that killed poor Macarthur. He said it calmly. He then said two deaths have been caused from drugs. Vera cried angrily “I think you’re mad!” His eyes turned slowly till they rested on her. The thought came to Vera that he doesn’t like her much.         Emily Brent said ” surely, doctor, the woman would have been fast asleep by then under the influence of the drug you had administered?” Yes, but it was not a certaintysaid Dr. Armstrong. Lombard responded “Of course you would say that, doctor.” again  Armstrong’s face darken with anger. Armstrong’s passionless cold little voice stop the words on his lips. No good result came from recrimination. Facts are what we have to deal with.           Chap.10        Outside the rain was pouring down and the wind howled. It howled in great shuddering gusts against window panes. Philip Lombard believe that the old wargrave was right when he said it was one of them. Philip Lombard made a grimace.  He thought it was amazing. Vera thought it was incredible. There’s no question now of accidents or suicides.      Dinner came. All the food was eaten and cleared away. It was a plain simple meal, most of it of it is out of tins. Lombard and Blore went upstairs with the two women. At the top there were two men. They watched the women go in their rooms and shut their doors. Suddenly the women heard the sounds of two bolts being shot and the turning of two keys.       The men went to get some sleep an hour later. They all went up at the same time. Rogers was setting up the table for morning breakfast. Rogers came out the dining room. He then went up stairs, but slipped halfway up. He saw four figures pass through four doors. He also heard the turning of four locks and the shooting of four bolts.        Chap.11      Philip Lombard had a habit of walking at daybreak. He did so on this specific morning. The wind had somewhat abated but was still blowing. He didn’t hear any rain. At eight o’clock .The wind started to blow stronger. Still Lombard did not hear it. He was asleep again. At nine thirty he was at the edge of the bed looking at his watch.       Ex-Inspector Blore said in a low voice to Philip. “Know what I’m thinking?” Philip said it is not worth the trouble of guessing. Blore was an earnest man. There was a case in America. When an old gentleman and his wife were both killed by an axe. It had occur in the middle of the morning.       Breakfast is a curious meal. Everybody was polite. There was six china figures. How many will there be by tonight? Who will have the last egg? “Marmalade?” It was six people acting perfectly normal at breakfast.Chap.12       The meal was over. Mr justice had to clear his throat. He spoke in a small authoritative voice. Vera had began to set up the plates together. The judge asked Miss Brent if anything was wrong. Blore said he was a domestic type of man. He said he’ll give Miss Claythorne a hand.    Lombard had undressed to the skin and both his room and he had been meticulously  searched by the other three men. Lombard would be in trouble if he had to give away his revolver. Wargrave said sharply. Mr. Lombard is considered as a strongly built and a powerful young man. Ex-Inspector Blore is also a man of powerful physique. Lombard threw his head back. His teeth showed and it was almost a snarl.      I don’t know where the revolver is. Blore said it forcefully. Blore said follow him. He opened the door. He also led the way around the house. A little distance Away from the dining room window he found the syringe. After they fully searched the house they still couldn’t find the revolver.