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Mass media is a great way to get certain messages widespread quickly. Today, a message can go across the world in seconds. This makes sending important nationwide messages a breeze. When messages can be seen by so many people so quickly, people like to take advantage of the story and put a spin on it. This is used in order to gain votes, publicity, or to try and sell you an item. A candidate can have bad messages sent out about other candidates to try and sway votes. Or somebody could make money by lying on the internet and gaining a lot of publicity. Another way mass media influences our thoughts is by exaggerating how great a product or service is. This technique is used so people want to purchase this good or service and the company makes money. Editors have a huge say in what we all think about. What is shown or displayed in mass media triggers certain thoughts or memories for people. The editor can decide what is shown and how much of it shown which consequently decides what we think about. I personally don’t like some of the impacts of mass media, but I do like others. A few reasons I dislike mass media is because I think that many messages are not completely truthful and people make their decisions without being properly informed. Different displays of mass media almost always put their own spin on the story. Putting their own spin on things usually gains them more views or they are somehow gaining something by doing so. All of these things are bad because it is false advertising and can lead to bad decision making. Mass media also makes you decide what is fake and what is real. This is another recipe for disaster. If you buy into the fictional stuff, you won’t know what’s actually going on in the world. You’ll be making decisions based on fake facts. Mass media has its downsides, but it also has good things about it. Without mass media, we would never know what’s going on in the world. I like being informed about what is going on. Being informed makes it easier to have an opinion on things. Papers getting published, the news, and social media are all quick ways for learning about what’s going on in the world. The first form of mass media was on paper. It helped communities have better connections and become more educated on the local news. The magic bullet theory, or hypodermic needle model, is how some researchers believe that after hearing a message, people tend to believe it if they trust in it. They think messages are like magic bullets that get shot into our brains and determine our thoughts and ideas. I think there is definitely some truth to this. I know that people usually determine their political views from a media source. What news channel people watch could possibly determine who they think is the bad guy. They believe media directly influences the public’s opinion on all kinds of things. Two step flow is very similar, but it introduces a middleman or authority figure. This authority figure is somebody the audience trusts or finds well educated and connected. The authority figure could be somebody famous on tv, or a coworker who knows what he’s talking about. This works because the audience trust this person more than the media itself. This will lead to more people believing what they are being told. Being exposed to something a lot gets us to trust in whatever it is. Meaning that if the media displayed the same message to us, we would most likely accept it eventually. Media has many uses. One way media is used is to entertain and occupy the viewers’ leisure time. Media can also brings communities together, acts as an agent of socialization and an enforcer of social norms, tell us what society expects of us through punishments and rewards. An example would be that when we see criminals on tv, we usually see them being brought to justice. This reinforces the idea that breaking the law is bad and it encourages viewers to not make the same mistake. Media can also do the opposite. They can sometimes glorify behaviors. This way people can see the benefits of doing the right thing in hope that they will also do the right thing. Media gatekeeping is a way the government or editors can decide what is viewed by the audience. What is shown on the news is decided by many people and it is harder to get any story on the news. But on the internet, people can post about whatever they want. Most people that talk on the news or are gatekeepers for what media is sent out are wealthy and caucasian. This leads to a lot of different stories being under represented because the person pulling the strings of the operation doesn’t believe in all the stories as much. It is hard denying that the media has a certain impact on its audience. They can persuade certain groups for or against certain things. They can also put their own spin on the story to help viewers choose what is right and what is wrong. My thoughts on the impacts of mass media are that they are both useful and corrupt. Mass media can keep many people informed and on the same page. It works as an entertainment tool by many people on their leisure time. But some of the information is not completely true. Media messages are usually tilted towards a certain thing or not completely truthful. I think this is wrong because the audience always deserves to hear the truth. Gate keepers and editors can decide what the public sees. So I think people sometimes put too much faith in what they see, are told, or read. You can’t take the truth for granted and being aware of these tactics helps an audience understand what they are up against.