Mashaweer in Egypt has the highest market share. It was
first of its kind personal service company in Egypt and have been growing with
systematic and forward growth. The most important aspect of their strategy was
to involve information technology and GPS tracking extensively. But as it was
the first personalized service providers they didn’t face competition during
the inception period. Various other competitors sensed the opportunity since
then and have entered into the market.

To look into the competition between Mashaweer and Wassaly,
the later one have certain advantage of market research and services where the
other lacks but at the same time the Mashaweer has largest market share and
have a competitive advantage of its Unique Selling Propositions. Another advantage
was Mashaweer’s scale of operation, which was at larger than Wassaly.

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Porter’s five forces analysis for Mashaweer:

Porters Five Forces


Competitive rivalry within the Industry

Low to Moderate (large scale operation but competition with big courier
companies like Fedx)

Bargaining Power of Customers

Low to Moderate (As only service provider in Personal errands)

Threat of New Entrants


Bargaining Power of Supplier

Moderate to High (highly skilled labour force required)

Threat of Substitute Products

Moderate (People prefer self-services, and depends on other
traditional ways rather than the modern)


Mashaweer, planned to expand their business to Dubai and
other gulf countries. According to one of the customer service manager at Mashaweer,
in UAE the personalized services are looked as prestige and luxury; those from
higher socio-economic segment tends to order services more often with random
demands, while the lower social ranks orders the services in case of urgency.

The following are the reason for competitive advantage of
Mashaweer over its competitors-

Huge database and information of customers for
customized services and target marketing.

Due to its huge success they have a great
revenue generation cycle so, self-investment could be possible unlike other

Extensive dependency on Information Technology, with
least outsourcing.