Executive because the product offers unique features at

Executive Summary

Apple Incorporation is preparing to market its Smartphone product line named the iPhone Xi model in the maturing market. The Indian market is promising due to the continued economic growth despite the dominance of Samsung, Nokia and HTC Corporation.

The company can compete because the product offers unique features at an acceptable price. We are targeting certain market segments exploiting the opportunities created by the increasing demand for Smartphone with state-of-art features, entertainment, information storage capabilities and other new technologies.

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The marketing aim is to achieve a 20 percent market share in the next five years and the financial aim is to increase profitability by 15 percent through increased sales. This will be accomplished via a marketing plan that has been well researched on and the opportunities and problems identified.

The marketing mix involves the 4Ps marketing strategies that we plan to use in positioning our product. The project will be steered by a specific organizational structure of experienced marketing and sales officers. The success will be measured through measurement controls and close monitoring of the implementation process. Nevertheless, we anticipate changes in the market trends and have come up with effective contingency plans.

Apple targets to be the leader in the development and utilization of technology. The company is a technology developer and uses the same to gain market share. By frequently introducing new products, it attracts the attention of consumers. The company takes advantage of this strategy by ensuring that its customers are informed of any development taking place in the market. Apple takes advantage of this opportunity and ensures that it makes profits out of it.

Company background

Apple Retail Stores are operated by Apple Inc dealing in consumer and computers electronics. The company sells software, Smartphone, e-Book readers, Electronic music, Computers and other consumer electronics. Apple Inc was founded by Steve Jobs in 1977. Even though many products were developed under his watch including PowerBook G3 and iMac as well as online store, the company continues to rely on electronics and box computer to prevail in the market and make sales.

The company has been bringing out cut-price versions of its Smartphone. Looking even further out, the company is staking its future on new products that could take electronics and computing power ever deeper into the routine lives of consumers. By the time Jobs passed on, the company had advanced its technology into the market by ensuring that it integrated disruptive marketing into the computer platform.

Current marketing situation

Apple Inc. has experience in electronic market and is bound to enter into the already matured Smartphone market in India. Smartphone are increasingly becoming popular in the Indian market with the increasing economic growth. Forecasts suggest that the sales of Smartphone will grow by more than 30% in the next five years (Juniper Research 5). Market competition is therefore stiff despite the increasing demand for Smartphone.

Electronic industry is also strengthening while low prices are pushing down profitability. In fact, consumers are increasingly becoming more sensitive to technology integration, prices and state-of-art products than ever before. However, the Indian electronic market represents a large part of the economy with sales of over 15 million unit phones (Juniper Research 8). In order to gain a significant market share in the changing environment, Apple must differentiate its products while targeting specific segments of consumers.

Market description and segmentation

Apple market consumers are busy people who like to use Smartphone for communication, entertainment, information storage and exchange. The target segments in the marketing plan include professionals, students and entrepreneurs. These segments have different needs as illustrated in Table 1.

Table 1

Targeted segment Customer needCorresponding feature
ProfessionalsHigh speed connectivity
Stay in touch conveniently
Perform many tasks hand free
Wireless internet access
Linux operating system

EntrepreneursFast connectivity
Perform many functions hands-free
Compatible with many applications
Wireless internet access

StudentsExpress style and individuality
Perform many functions hands-free
Compatible with many applications
Touch screen option