Many them understand that something exists even

Many parents have tried to understand how their babies learn new skills overnight thinking they are just a cute face that just cry and sleep all day , but little did they know is that baby’s brains help them figure it out before they try it out .  Well the truth is that babies brains have been preparing them for certain situations or taks making it seem as if they have developed a new skill overnight . Researchers at penn state found a different ways they could observe and understand why babies seemed to develop certain skills ” overnight” by paying close attention to electrical activity or electroencephalography also known as EEG.    Researchers from penn state have started to notice how babies skills were constantly continuing to develop every month , But their EEG or any electrical activity in their brain didn’t not seem to make any sudden changes but stayed at a steady pace . Koraly Perez-Edgar a professor of psychology published a article named ” Child Development ”  and said “.. Young children develop in bursts instead of little by little .” Babies actually continue to process and learn for several days and make it seem as if they have developed new skills overnight like it was nothing. Unlike the adults brain that restrain us from processing certain aspects at fast speed .   Penn State had recruited a total of 28 babies that were around 6 months old to observe them every month. Each baby was put up to the test which was called the ” A not B task ” that made them understand that something exists even if its out of sight for a time .The ” A not B ”  test was to put a box with two well A and B across the baby . One of the researchers would hid a toy and cover it making it not visible for the baby .The baby was successfully if he had chosen the toy from well a 2- times and 1- one time from B.     Another discovery inside the baby mind was that there is more brain cells and neurons than a everyday working adult  brain.