Many the country. Thus promoting and use

Many of us,
thinks when they heard that you are a government employee many negative
connotations comes to their minds like corrupt, thieves of the government
funds, abusive etc., yes you cannot take that away from them due to the news
feed on our televisions every day. But being a government employee and just
doing what is right on your duties we are affected with that connotations.

But as a
government employee, do we know our mandate as a public servant? Here is an
overview of Section 4 of Republic Act No. 6713 also known as the “Code of
conduct for Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees”.

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Section 4 of RA
6713, Norms of Conduct of Public Officials and Employees, (a) Commitment to
public interest, it was said that all government funds and resources should be
expend full efficiently and effectively for government use particularly. (b)
Professionalism, as a government employee performing the highest level of
excellence that the government is expecting from you. (c)
Justness and sincerity, a government officials and employees must be true at
all times, they shall be fair at all times especially in giving favor to
everyone regardless of their status in life. That we should always consider
what is just and fair for the benefit of most. (d) Political neutrality, public
officials and employees should not affiliate to anyone but to provide a just and
fair service to anyone. (e) Responsiveness to the public, government officials
and employees shall be responsive at all times for the sake of public service,
extending a prompt and courteous service for the public. (f) Nationalism and
patriotism, government officials and employees shall be loyal to our
government, must be proud for the achievement of the country. Thus promoting
and use of the locally produced products and services. (g) Commitment to
democracy, government officials and employees must commit themselves to the
democratic way of life and values, means that public servants are upholding the
constitution and loyal to country and no is above the law. (h) Simple living,
public officials and employees should live a life that is appropriate to their
positions and income. Avoiding extravagant display of wealth in any form.

Through this manual if we follow this ethical codes and conduct we
can overcome the wrong impressions of people regarding government employees. May
this serve to us a guidelines to portray the real face of a public servant.